Beaches Restaurant and Bar… went there last night. To get back into the swing of local dining, we ordered the Tour of Tasmania share plate. The all-Tasmanian produce was a perfect re-introduction to eating out in Tassie. We thoroughly enjoyed…

  • lightly grilled Rannoch Quail from a poultry farm at Nubeena
  • marinated mushrooms from the Huon Valley
  • Roaring Forties Blue Cheese from King Island
  • damper made with native pepper (a real winner!)
  • pickled octopus and smoked salmon

We’d say… go there and try it yourselves. And that’s all we have for today. Just tapping out a few words before we get distracted by a bag of Twisties and Jane The Virgin on Netflix. Have a great weekend everyone.

Beaches Restaurant and Bar - Tour of Tasmania

Tour of Tasmania: Beaches Restaurant and Bar

Beaches Restaurant and Bar belongs to Wyndham Resort located at 78 Surf Road in Seven Mile Beach, quite near the Hobart International Airport. Phone (03) 6248 6222 for details or follow Beaches Restaurant and Events on Facebook.

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