We dined at Beachway Motel and Restaurant in Ulverstone on the very first day for new owners. That could’ve gone one of two ways. Luckily for us, it went exceptionally well.

Beachway Motel & Restaurant: chicken schnitzel

Beachway Motel and Restaurant

Dining in Ulverstone: Beachway Motel and Restaurant

The chicken schnitzel was ah-may-zing. I’m aware that’s not appropriately in-depth terminology for the food critics among us, so let me add this snippet: the schnitzel crumbs were crunchy and flavoursome, just how I like them. The chips were hot and crispy; the salad was well-dressed and the pepper sauce… wow! It was really tasty and had just the right amount of zing.

Beachway Motel & Restaurant: seafood chowder

Beachway Motel and Restaurant: seafood chowder

Gavin enjoyed his seafood chowder, going so far as to say it was the best he’d had. And he’s had a few chowders in his time! The dessert menu looked tempting, but there was no room left for sweets, such was the size of the main courses. But never mind, we’re always happy to return to Ulverstone for another run at the Beachway Motel and Restaurant menu. We quite like exploring north west Tasmania.

Ulverstone Memorial Clock Tower

Ulverstone Memorial Clock Tower (photo by Dan Fellow)

Beachway Motel and Restaurant is located at 1-5 Heathcote Street in Ulverstone, one of the nicest towns to visit in north west Tasmania. Phone (03) 6425 2342 for details or follow Beachway Motel and Restaurant on Facebook.

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