We enjoyed a generous breakfast in the hotel’s Beef and Seafood Grill when we stayed at Salamanca Inn recently. It was one of those times when lunch was definitely not required afterwards. We made sure of that by sleeping late and heading to the dining room at 9:00am. Such luxury!

Accommodation in Hobart - Beef & Seafood Grill, Salamanca Inn

Breakfast: Beef and Seafood Grill Restaurant

Salamanca Inn: Beef and Seafood Grill

As we’ve already shared, our accommodation in Hobart ticked all the essential boxes for a terrific stay in Tasmania’s capital city. We’ve also written about our pleasant experience at the Beef and Seafood Grill for an evening meal. Now let’s show you what you can expect for breakfast.

Beef and Seafood Grill - Breakfast Menu

Breakfast menu: Beef and Seafood Grill

Beef and Seafood Grill - Big Breakfast

Beef and Seafood Grill big breakfast

Beef and Seafood Grill - Coffee

Coffee in the morning!

Beef and Seafood Grill - Westhaven Yoghurt

Tasmanian produce: Beef and Seafood Grill

Beef and Seafood Grill - Continental Breakfast

Salamanca Inn: breakfast

Beef and Seafood Grill - Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit for breakfast

Beef and Seafood Grill - Muffins and Juice

Orange juice and chocolate muffin

Beef and Seafood Grill is open to the public as well as guests of Salamanca Inn and is located at 10 Gladstone Street, Battery Point near Salamanca Place. Weekday breakfast hours are from 7:00am to 9:30am and weekends or public holidays from 7:30am to 10:00am. Book a table in advance by phoning (03) 6223 3300 and for more details follow either Salamanca Inn or Beef and Seafood Grill on Facebook.

Beef and Seafood Grill - Salamanca Inn, Hobart Tasmania

Maple syrup: French toast with bacon

We stayed (and ate breakfast) as guests of Salamanca Inn and Beef and Seafood Grill.

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Map: Beef and Seafood Grill, Hobart Tasmania…

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