First up, let’s get the contentious issue out of the way. Is it Beerbarrel Beach, or Beer Barrel Beach? People-in-the-know please advise… until then, we’ll choose the former version. Coastcare and Tasmania Parks and Wildlife have signposted this gorgeous surf beach near St Helens, and they should have the spelling right. Right?

Beerbarrel Beach - Pied Oystercatchers

Beerbarrel Beach: Coastcare, Tasmania Parks

St Helens Point: Beerbarrel Beach

While there may be some difference of opinion about the name, there’s no disputing the beauty of Beerbarrel Beach. The east coast of Tasmania is well-known for gorgeous coastal scenery, and the north east doesn’t disappoint.

St Helens Point State Recreation Area is about 10kms from the town of St Helens, via Akoroa. The substantial Peron Dunes form part of the coastal attraction.

Beerbarrel Beach - Peron Dunes

Beerbarrel Beach, Peron Dunes: St Helens Point

Beerbarrel Beach can be accessed easily via a short walk from the car park. A track leads the way through vegetation-covered dunes.

Beerbarrel Beach - St Helens Point

Short walk through dunes to the beach

Surf Beach, East Coast Tasmania

Beerbarrel Beach is apparently popular with surfers, but don’t expect a crowd of people if you visit in April, like we did. We were the only ones brave – or silly – enough to be venturing into the rather fresh waters, despite the sunny autumn weather.

Beerbarrel Beach - Boogie Board

Testing the waters: east coast Tasmania

This is not the place to leave children unattended, even big ones like ours. Heed the warnings of Surf Life Saving Tasmania and beware the rips and rocks, and stay safe with a competent buddy. Luckily for this overly-cautious mummy, Gavin is a strong swimmer and he came well-prepared, with a full-length wetsuit. There’s no way I was letting the kids out there by themselves!

Check out the blue skies in the photographs. We may be just really lucky, but we’re yet to see a “bad” day in north east Tasmania. You probably already know this… but we think any day is a good day, even if it’s cold and raining. However, a warm towel is always a good accessory for a trip to the beach, and we found the most amazing place to warm our gear in-between dips. A rock, shaped like a throne. Fancy that!

Beerbarrel Beach - East Coast

Wetsuit-temperature, April: Beerbarrel Beach

Beerbarrel Beach - Throne Rock

The “throne rock”

Coastal Walks, Sand Dunes and Surf Beach

If you need even more warming when you’ve finished swimming at Beerbarrel Beach, there’s some good coastal walks in the region. There shouldn’t be too many snakes in autumn either. Right?

Beerbarrel Beach - Coastal Walk

Short coastal walk: Burns Bay

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