How do we continually find new material to publish on the website every day? We’ve been working on Think Tasmania for several years now; surely the well of information must be running dry? Quite the opposite, actually. The longer we do this, the more we realise we have so much ground yet to cover. Take Bellerive Village. Why haven’t we written about that before?

Bellerive Village - Hobart Tasmania

Aerial view: Bellerive Village

Bellerive Village: Scenery and History

Bellerive Village, part of a lovely waterfront suburb on the eastern shore, is nestled across the Derwent River from the central business district of Hobart. Venture over the Tasman Bridge for a drive along the esplanade or a stroll along the marina boardwalk and take in the panoramic views of the city and Mount Wellington. It’s a prime location for photographers to capture wonderful images.

Bellerive Village - Marina

Views from Bellerive Village

If you love historic houses, drop into the Clarence City Council offices and collect the brochure titled “Bellerive Village – A Walk Through History”. It was prepared with the assistance of the Bellerive Historical Society and details about 17 heritage buildings and other places of historical interest, all within walking distance.

Even without the brochure, a walk from the marina through the local streets will take the visitor past some beautiful old homes. If a beach walk is more to your liking, Bellerive has that covered as well. The main beach is not far from the village.

Bellerive Village - Beach

Bellerive Village: sandy beach, Blundstone Arena

For more outstanding views, visit the Kangaroo Bluff Fort Historic Site, circa 1884. The Battery was built to protect Hobart from the perceived threat of enemy attack, but the cannons were never fired in defence of the city. Today the site is a pleasant place to picnic and is also within walking distance of the village.

Bellerive Village - Kangaroo Bluff

River Derwent: Kangaroo Bluff Battery, Bellerive Tasmania

Blundstone Arena (aka Bellerive Oval)

Bellerive Village comes alive with visitors when AFL matches are scheduled at nearby Blundstone Arena. It’s the local base for North Melbourne; the Kangaroos currently play two matches each season in Tassie. It’s quite a sight to see the flood of footy fans descend on Hobart, decked in traditional club colours with hopes and spirits high before each match.

Bellerive Village - North Melbourne Kangaroos, Blundstone Arena

North Melbourne Kangaroos: AFL at Blundstone Arena

Formerly known as Bellerive Oval, the ground is also the home of international cricket in Tasmania. Besides top-level cricket, state and local games are also played at the venue, and a redevelopment is currently underway to upgrade facilities.

Bellerive Village - Blundstone Arena

Blundstone Arena, Bellerive Tasmania

Business, Shopping, Dining in Bellerive

A browse through the community shopping strip reveals the usual suspects: doctors, chemists, florists, bakeries, banks and takeaway food joints. Other services and a business hub can be found in the Bellerive Quay building. That’s where you’ll find John and Tracey from Business East, the local Business Enterprise Centre.

There’s a selection of restaurants and cafes for a dining experience during a visit to Bellerive Village. One of our favourites, Three Little Ducks is popular with many other diners. We’ve also heard from a reliable source that the Bellerive Yacht Club welcome guests to their restaurant for lunch and dinner each Thursday and Friday and provide a good feed. The Waterfront Hotel is another option: good menu, friendly service and a great location.

Waterfront Hotel - Bellerive

Calamari: Waterfront Hotel, Bellerive

Clarence Community Festivals and Events Program

A recent chat with Alderman Doug Chipman (Mayor of Clarence) and Gary Richardson (Manager Communications and Marketing at the Clarence City Council) revealed an extensive program of community events. We’ve yet to attend many of the annual festivals, shows and performances and hence talk about them here. Some events had so far escaped our attention completely!

Bellerive Village - Waterfront Hotel

Seafarers Festival: Waterfront Hotel, Bellerive Village

The Seafarers Festival, held each year on the Bellerive Boardwalk is one we have covered previously… but so long ago it’s well past due for an update. The Seafarers Festival is a free celebration of all things nautical and attracts a strong crowd, drawn to the Eastern Shore to enjoy the entertainment, food, drink and fine spring weather Tasmania has to offer.

Bellerive Village - Seafarers Festival

Bellerive Village: Seafarers Festival

Parking at Bellerive Village is free, with several car-parks adjacent to the main street (Cambridge Road). Tasmanian tourists, or locals for that matter, can choose to catch the water taxi for a day-trip across the river, rather than drive over the bridge. The yellow passenger ferry and tour boats travel to and from Wrest Point Casino, the Hobart Wharf and the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens.

Bellerive Village - Water Taxi

Hobart to Bellerive Village: water taxi

More to Come From Think Tasmania

If you’re concerned we’ll exhaust our supply of content one day, hopefully this article and these points will be reassuring…

  • There’s so much more to the suburb of Bellerive (outside the Village precinct) we’ve barely mentioned here. We should, and will, deliver more stories soon. Yes, we promise!
  • Several topics we’ve touched on here are all worthy of further investigation, no doubt leading to more articles. We must wine and dine with the locals at the Bellerive Yacht Club, for example.
  • Of course, there’s more than physical places to visit and business owners to meet. Think Tasmania covers products, people, parks, accommodation, history, wildlife, markets… and so much more.
Bellerive Village - Boardwalk

Bellerive Village Boardwalk: Yacht Club Marina

So have no fear; we’re not about to sail off into the sunset just yet. As we mentioned in yesterday’s article about Preston Falls, we really like the idea of writing “as we go” while the memory is still fresh. Some readers believe we should feature just one location at a time on Think Tasmania, rather than jumping back and forth between regions and towns in the north, south, east and west each day.

We’re conducting a feasibility study for the best way forward. It’s difficult to please all the people, all the time… we accept that. But if you’d like to see us showcase a particular town or topic, by all means contact Think Tasmania or leave a reply below.

If you’re a business owner in Bellerive Village (or any other Tasmanian location) and you’d like to see your place or product promoted by Think Tasmania… we’d love to hear from you too.

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