When we wrote about Bellerive Village for Think Tasmania a while back, an extremely efficient disciple of the Clarence City Council was kind enough to send us quite a lot of additional information about the region. Just lately, we enjoyed a mid-morning Bellerive walk, taking in the beautiful autumn weather and the surrounds of the city. We only had a mobile phone to capture images, so we’ll return again with the camera to source some better photos to share.

Bellerive Walk - Recreational

Bellerive walk: fitness mission or recreational stroll

One Step at a Time: Bellerive Walk

On a separate occasion, we set aside an evening for another Bellerive walk, and some photos from that time have also been included here. Again, the images are just snaps from a mobile phone. They were designed for our own research purposes, to be honest. We make detailed plans when we write articles so we can connect relevant topics from the website… this is not just an ad hoc, spur-of-the-moment process!

With great anticipation, we’re gradually building up to some of the longer walks from the surrounds of Hobart. From there, we’ll venture further afield in Tasmania. A Bellerive walk or two is merely the start. Take a stroll from Pindos Point; add a meander from Blundstone Arena to Kangaroo Bluff… and before you know it, you can hike from Lindisfarne Village past the Tasman Bridge to Howrah Beach.

Bellerive Walk - Seagull

Fish and chips in Bellerive attract seagulls

Bellerive Walk - Jetty

Jetty: photographic points of interest, Bellerive Walk

Bellerive Walk - Track

Bellerive walking track, shared with cyclists

Bellerive Walk - Hotel

Bellerive walk: drink at The Waterfront Hotel

Bellerive Walk - Hobart Waterfront

Views: Bellerive walk to Hobart waterfront

Bellerive Walk - Marina

Boats fill the marina: Bellerive Yacht Club

Bellerive Walk - Mt Wellington

Great views: Mount Wellington and Derwent River

Bellerive Walk - Derwent River

Derwent River: hive of activity 

Bellerive Walk - Seagulls

Lots of seagulls: Bellerive Marina

Hip, Hip Hooray, We’re on Our Way!

As we mentioned in an article about GASP (Glenorchy Art and Sculpture Park), a hip replacement has made me a little more mobile of late. In years gone by, walking was a big part of our lives. That sounds so strange, doesn’t it? We take so many things for granted when we can do them easily! Anyway, as weird as it may sound, we’re excited by the prospect of getting back into the walking groove.

So these mobile phone snaps are just a taster of what’s to come. We’ll gather our thoughts and draft a story or two. Then we’ll grab the camera and put together a more detailed version of the options for a Bellerive walk experience. Stay with us!

Bellerive Walk - Foreshore

Foreshore trail: Bellerive Village to Kangaroo Bluff

Bellerive Walk - Boardwalk

Foreshore trail: Bellerive Boardwalk

Bellerive Walk - Convict

Convict markers: Bellerive walking trail

Bellerive Walk - Hobart

Autumn sunshine, gorgeous Hobart scenery

Bellerive Walk - Lawns and Trees

Lawns, trees and rocks: dogs love a Bellerive walk!

Bellerive Walk - Kangaroo Bay

Kangaroo Bay, Bellerive: walk to Rosny College

Bellerive Walk - Shopping

Bellerive Marina: behind village shopping precinct

Bellerive Walk - Picnic

Picnic on the lawns: Bellerive foreshore

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Map: Bellerive Walk, Tasmania

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