Mark Bellerive in your diary for 31 October as Clarence City Council is again staging the Seafarers Festival. It’s a free maritime event bound to have something for everyone.

Bellerive: Seafarers Festival Maritime Event

Bound for Bellerive: Seafarers Festival

Seafarers Festival: Bellerive

The day of family activities and entertainment is an annual event on the Clarence calendar. This year promises to be as much fun as the last, when we went along and enjoyed the festivities. You can just be a spectator: watch the small sail boats cruise past The Waterfront Hotel. Or you can actually get among the real action at sea level.

Bellerive: Seafarers Festival - Waterfront Hotel

Seafarers Festival: sailing, Waterfront Hotel Bellerive

Maritime Events

The dragon boat races were an exciting feature last year. The teams departed from the Bellerive Boardwalk, and just the logistics of loading the competitors into the long, skinny boats was a spectacle. Then they raced out of the marina beyond view, only to come steaming home again towards the finish line.

Bellerive: Seafarers Festival - Dragonboat Races

Dragon Boat Races: Seafarers Festival, Bellerive Tasmania

Family Entertainment: Bellerive

Many activities are free again this year and there will be a schedule of music and comedy performers. Kids wanting to get into the spirit of the maritime theme can enter the Seafarin’ Costume Competition.

Last year there were rides for sale in a helicopter simulator, as well as rows of stalls selling toys and games. Probably of more interest to the adults: fine foods and wines available to diners for a lunch time feast on the waterfront.

Bellerive: Seafarers Festival - Helicoptor Simulator

Fun maritime activities: Bellerive Marina

Windeward Bound: Seafarers Festival

Finally, our favourite memory from 2009: a tour of Windeward Bound. For a gold coin, we were entitled to inspect the very close quarters below deck, and have a chat with some of the sailors. We were even allowed at the helm for a practice run. But I’m pretty confident I could never be lured out past the safety of Bellerive Marina.

Bellerive: Seafarers Festival - Windeward Bound

Windeward Bound: Seafarers Festival, Bellerive


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