We’re just going to leave this here: Belles Bellerive for Asian inspired American food. Think insanely good burgers and fries and chicken wings. We won’t list all the menu items we can vouch for, because then you’ll know just how many times we’ve eaten there!

Belles Bellerive - Burger Menu

Belles Bellerive burger menu

Bellerive for Burgers

We’ve been reviewing our photo catalogue after a mini-break from our desks. We have shared some photos from Belles Bellerive on social media, but not here on the website. So here you go! If you’re looking for a casual bite to eat on Hobart’s eastern shore, this might inspire you.

Belles Bellerive: dessert special

Belles Bellerive: Eskimo Pie dessert special

Cheeseburger (with Bacon) and Fries

A favourite in our camp is the cheeseburger with bacon; simple but always reliably tasty. We prefer the seasoned fries as a burger-side, but the loaded fries make an indulgent lunch choice all by themselves.

Belles Bellerive: loaded fries

Loaded fries: Belles Bellerive

Asian-Inspired American Food

The Korean pork belly burger is a must-try, and there’s always tempting additions on the specials list. The view out the windows overlooking boats in the Bellerive Marina is a winner.

Belles Bellerive - Marina Views

Marina views: Belles Bellerive

Belles Bellerive

12 Cambridge Road, Bellerive near The Waterfront Hotel. Phone (03) 6244 7529 for details or follow Belles Bellerive on Facebook.

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