Here are some photos of Bell’s Parade to share with Think Tasmania readers, captured on Sunday 25 June. One could not have hoped for a more magical winter’s day, perfect for reflections. I have to confess I truly have a love of Bell’s Parade. Kev and I visit at least every couple of months. No matter the season, it always holds a special magic for me ~ Carol Haberle

Bells Parade - Winter in Latrobe Tasmania

Winter walk: Bell’s Parade (photo by Carol Haberle)

Bell’s Parade, Latrobe Tasmania

photos by Carol Haberle

Last month we published an article featuring many great things to do, see and taste in the town of Latrobe. At the time, Carol didn’t know we planned to compile that story for Think Tasmania. But as often happens, she sensed it was the right time to share some of her great collection of photos from Bell’s Parade. We’ve previously published an in-depth review covering Latrobe and Bell’s Parade on the Mersey River written and photographed by Carol.

Bells Parade - Mersey River, Latrobe Tasmania

Mersey River (photo by Carol Haberle)

As luck would have it, this week we’ve also heard from Chris Frankcombe, the Tourism and Economic Development Officer at Latrobe Council. There’s a brand new website detailing the Latrobe-Port Sorell Tourism Association, which “will primarily be an industry website for the local tourism fraternity, but will feature some basic information about the region and those businesses who are members of LaPSTA”. The primary tourism information website for the Latrobe region is also due for an upgrade over the next year.

Bells Parade - BBQ Shelter

BBQ shelter at Bell’s Parade (photo by Carol Haberle)

So if you didn’t believe us when we suggested that all roads lead to Latrobe, maybe you will now! Sharing some magnificent photos from Carol Haberle of Bell’s Parade (with more to come) will no doubt inspire more visitors to the region.

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All photos strictly ©Carol Haberle, H&H Photography. You can follow Carol on Facebook at Haberle Photo Cards. Carol writes feature articles for this website about all things Tasmanian. If you’d like Carol to visit you, please contact Think Tasmania.

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