Stay in a Bicheno holiday house and write an article for Think Tasmania about the experience? Gee… let me ponder that for a moment. Okay. Yes, I’ll do it. In fact, let me sign up right now before you change your mind. So we signed; we stayed and now we give you the details.

Bicheno Holiday House - Beach Sunset

Beautiful sunset colours over Bicheno beach

Bicheno Holiday House: Break Away

We have stayed in Bicheno before and absolutely love the place to bits. It’s just such a relaxing and unhurried place, with gorgeous views in every direction. And if that’s the sort of thing you’re looking for, a break from the reality of every-day stress, this Bicheno holiday house couldn’t be better.

We arrived in the evening, driving from Hobart after school had finished for the day. The journey up the east coast via Sorrel, Buckland, Orford, Triabunna and Swansea takes a little over two hours and is a pleasant drive. We ate at the Beachfront Hotel, where the service was speedy and the meals were good. But we really just wanted to get to the beach house and settle in.

Bicheno Holiday House - Suntrap Cove, The Esplanade

Suntrap Cove perched high on the hill

Suntrap Cove: Views for Days

Suntrap Cove, as the Bicheno holiday house is named, is on the Esplanade near the well-known Bicheno blowhole. The house is elevated, with the living area facing the Tasman Sea, and as soon as you walk in, you just know you’ll never want to leave. The views over the orange, lichen-covered rocks and further out to sea are magnificent, no matter what time of day.

Bicheno Holiday House - Ocean Views

Tasman Sea from the balcony: Bicheno holiday house

Bicheno Holiday House - Beach Sunset

Lichen-covered rocks in Bicheno are stunning

Bicheno Holiday House - Moonlight

Moonlight over the Tasman Sea: Bicheno

Obviously, we spent a lot of our time gazing out to sea. You can watch whales during their migration, right from the balcony! We forgot to pack our binoculars, even though we knew whale-spotting was on the agenda. But Rob and Louise had some propped up on the side-table ready for us. We should have known they would provide such extra touches. They also own Alice’s Cottages in Launceston and have a reputation for exceeding the expectations of their guests.

What you Want; What you Need

The kitchen is well-equipped, and there’s a bbq on the balcony if you decide to cook your own meals. There’s no real need to bring supplies with you from home, as the town has an excellent bakery and butcher, and of course you can source fresh seafood.

A short walk from this Bicheno holiday house will have you on the rocks peering into the blowhole. The kids loved searching for crabs that scurried between the boulders. We peeked under one rock, only to be faced with a penguin! It was a weekend filled with wildlife, actually. We could see seals from the balcony, and we had birds so brave they’d take bread from our outstretched hands!

Bicheno Holiday House - Rocks near Blowhole

The Blowhole: short walk from the Bicheno holiday house

Bicheno Holiday House - Penguin

Little Penguins in Tasmania

Bicheno Holiday House - Birds

Bicheno holiday house: friendly local

Blissful Bicheno Holiday House

We were in the market for a chilled-out weekend. We played cards and board-games and watched a DVD in between walks to the beach. The couch was a great place to read a book! All three bedrooms had really comfortable beds with plenty of room for the whole family to claim their own space.

Bicheno Holiday House - Playing Cards

Playing cards and board games: Bicheno beach

While we were tempted to spend the entire weekend tucked up in our wonderful Bicheno holiday house, we did venture out for a drive north. We had a fabulous lunch at the Iron House Brewery and investigated more things to do in the town. We did a little shopping; did a little snorkeling from the jetty… and did a few other things we’ll have to tell you about another time!

Bicheno Holiday House - Glass Bottom Boat

Glass Bottom Boat tours: The Gulch Bicheno, Tasmania

Think Tasmania stayed as guests of Suntrap Cove. For more details, visit the Bicheno Holiday House website or phone Rob and Louise Widdowson (03) 6334 2231.

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