We had a big day when we drove from Hobart to Queenstown. Not just in terms of exploring attractions, but also in terms of food. Everywhere we went, we were given such big serves!

Big Serves - Hungry Wombat Hamburger

Old-fashioned hamburger with chips

Wild West Tasmania for Big Serves

As we’ve already explained, we stopped for morning tea in Hamilton at Jackson’s Emporium. I swear, the scones were the biggest we’ve ever seen! We didn’t know at that stage, but the tone was set for the rest of the day’s food intake.

Not that big serves are necessarily best. This time though, the devonshire tea was really good, and the business owner was particularly keen to serve our hot drinks. Apparently Gavin ordered his coffee the way the barista likes to drink his own, and he took great pride in the delivery.

Big Serves - Devonshire Tea

Devonshire Tea: homemade rhubarb jam

Big Serves - Date Scones

Date scones: big serves, big plate

Big Serves - Jackson's Emporium Coffee

Coffee: Jackson’s Emporium, Hamilton Tasmania

Three Square Meals a Day

Lunch – a late one, given our big morning tea – was at The Hungry Wombat. The cafe is actually the food section of the service station, centrally located on the main drag through Derwent Bridge.

Big Serves - Steak Sandwich

Steak sandwich: big serves!

We’ve stopped there before, but never eaten a main meal. This time, we went all out and ordered a burger and a steak sandwich. I definitely couldn’t eat all of mine. Again, big serves are all well and good, but you still want quality food, and that we got. It’s not fine dining by any stretch, but the salad was fresh and everything was tasty.

By this stage, we were ready for a lengthy nap! We pressed on though, and managed to take in The Wall in the Wilderness and a (too) quick inspection of Lake St Clair before continuing on to Queenstown and our accommodation at Mt Lyell Anchorage Bed and Breakfast.

Big Serves - Hamburger with the Lot

Hamburger: Hungry Wombat, Derwent Bridge

Big Serves: Morning, Noon and Night

Regular readers will know where we ate dinner… The Empire Hotel in the heart of Queenstown, right across the road from the West Coast Wilderness Railway station. And we had big serves again! I don’t know why we expected any less really, following our earlier foodie experiences. So what’s the moral of this story, you ask? When you travel to the west coast of Tasmania, pack your appetite along with your sense of adventure. You’ll need it.

Big Serves - Empire Hotel, Chicken Salad

Chicken salad

Big Serves - Empire Hotel, Steak & Vegetables

Well-cooked steak with vegetables

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