Bill Flowers and Jennifer Rowlands are not only partners in the world of art, but are also partners in love as well. At the recent Truly Tasmanian Craft Fair in Latrobe I was lucky enough to view the joint display of artwork by both Bill Flowers and Jennifer Rowlands.

Bill Flowers - Jennifer Rowlands, Truly Tasmanian Craft Fair

Bill Flowers and Jennifer Rowlands

Truly Tasmanian Artists

by Michelle Kneipp Pegler

The crowd of people stopping to admire the artwork were very impressed and delighted by what they saw. If you can catch their work on show somewhere, do yourself a favour and go take a look. Meanwhile, I’d like to introduce two very talented Tasmanian artists.

Bill Flowers

I first came across the artwork of Bill Flowers when I visited Arts On Fire 2011 at Penguin, which is a showcase for visual, creative and performing arts from across the north west region of Tasmania. I was really drawn by the quirkiness of his Tasmanian Devil pictures on display. I just loved the way he had painted similar scenes from renowned paintings and added a Tassie Devil or two.

His wonderful Celtic snakes are great; and who couldn’t love the facial expressions he has captured in his wombat paintings. I love Bill’s artwork because of the way he depicts his animal subjects. They just make me smile!

Bill has studied art, however his drawing and painting techniques are all self taught. He feels that the best art training comes from real life experiences. He has been working with Tasmanian wildlife as a rescuer and educator for many years now. The love he has for animals really shines through in his drawings and paintings.

Bill has led a very busy life having been an Adult Education art teacher and photographer. He’s managed studios and art galleries and has worked in film and television as an animal wrangler, co-presenter, co-writer and co-director. He has also exhibited art work in many galleries throughout Tasmania and parts of the USA. If you haven’t been lucky enough to catch Bill’s work at any of his exhibitions, try the Bill Flowers YouTube channel. You can also buy Bill Flowers art on Redbubble.

Bill Flowers: Visit for Images and Purchasing

Jennifer Rowlands

I’ve only recently come across the artwork of Jennifer Rowlands, and I must say I was immediately taken with it. I think what strikes me is the freshness in the faces of her subjects. The whimsical way she paints the animals makes me want to hug them; just like the people in her paintings. Jennifer has a great understanding of nature and has spent most her life raising and caring for native animals. She has also worked in a wildlife park. I think to accurately paint something well you need a good appreciation of your subjects and judging by Jennifer’s work she definitely has this quality. You can find Jennifer Rowlands on Redbubble.

Jennifer Rowlands: Visit for Images and Purchasing

Bill and Jennifer were very helpful when I talked to them at the Truly Tasmanian Craft Fair in Latrobe. They gave me details of their websites to look up further information, and to see many images of their work. Please follow the links and see their amazing artwork for yourself.

Michelle Kneipp Pegler writes a blog called Leven River Farm about the ups and downs of her Good Life and occasional forays delving into the lessons of the past.

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