This will be the last article we publish this year, all things going to plan. So… we thought we’d better go out with something special. Say hello to The Black Footed Pig.

Black Footed Pig - Hobart Tasmania

The Black Footed Pig: Tapas Bar and Kitchen

The Black Footed Pig: Tapas Bar

Everything about The Black Footed Pig Tapas Bar and Kitchen is special. The food (divine!) and the service and the wine selection and the building. Everything perfect.

Black Footed Pig - Tapas

Tapas: cheese, pistachio and honey cigars

Our friends at Woodbridge on the Derwent in New Norfolk actually gave us the heads up about Black Footed Pig originally. We know Laurelle and John Grimley have exceptionally good taste, so of course we followed their advice.

Black Footed Pig - Hobart Restaurant

Tapas: potato croquettes

For our first visit, we chose a few tapas with matching wines, just to get an across-the-board sample. My two favourites? The cheese and pistachio cigars with honey, closely followed by the potato croquettes. Gavin absolutely raved about the scallops… but would’ve eaten anything from the varied menu.

Popular Restaurant: Hobart Tasmania

The Hobart restaurant was packed to capacity when we visited on a weeknight, and several tables were turned over for a second sitting. That’s a pretty good endorsement right there.

Black Footed Pig - Tapas Bar and Kitchen

The Black Footed Pig: Hobart Tasmania

Find The Black Footed Pig in a delightful 1860s (former) flour mill at 8 Brooke Street, Hobart near Brooke Street Pier. Phone (03) 6224 2222 for details or follow Black Footed Pig on Facebook.

Black Footed Pig - Brooke Street, Hobart

The Black Footed Pig: restaurant in Hobart

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