Whenever we have the chance, we like to rediscover the blowhole in Bicheno. It’s a highlight of any visit to the lovely seaside village on the east coast of Tasmania.

Blowhole in Bicheno - East Coast of Tasmania

Bicheno Blowhole (photo by Dan Fellow)

East Coast Tasmania: Blowhole in Bicheno

photos by Dan Fellow

We’re not the only ones who find the blowhole in Bicheno an impressive place to visit. There always seems to be others at the site whenever we venture along. Capturing photos can be a tricky business for the unsuspecting tourist.

More than once we’ve seen people peer over the edge only to scurry away as a wave of sea water rains down on them. Maybe that’s half the attraction!

Blowhole in Bicheno - by Dan Fellow

Blowhole in Bicheno (photo by Dan Fellow)

The swell of the ocean can be unpredictable. A wise photographer will stand back until they’ve experienced several bursts of water, and only then attempt to capture the blowhole in Bicheno in all its glory.

Blowhole in Bicheno - Photography

Unpredictable: blowhole in Bicheno (photo by Dan Fellow)

Bicheno: Favourite in Tasmania

We seem to forever claim to “love” the town we’re writing about. What can we say? There’s not too many places in the state we don’t like. Evey Tasmanian town and region has features, highlights and reasons to be adored. Bicheno is no exception.

Blowhole in Bicheno - East Coast

Blowhole in Bicheno: east coast Tassie (photo by Dan Fellow)

A diamond-shaped rock marks the location of the blowhole. We were able to walk across the road from our holiday house in Bicheno, but you can drive and park your car on The Esplenade nearby. Alternatively, take the short walk (about three or four kms) along the coastline from Diamond Island near Bicheno Ocean View Retreat.

On our last trek to the east coast, we noticed a Little Penguin seemingly wedged between the rocks near the blowhole in Bicheno. We were quite worried about the poor creature, knowing he wouldn’t usually be seen during daylight hours. But we didn’t want to scare him by getting too close, and thankfully he eventually made his own way back to the water.

Blowhole in Bicheno - Tourist Attraction

East coast Tasmania: Bicheno (photo by Dan Fellow)

Blowhole in Bicheno - Tassie Favourite

Favourite with Tassie tourists (photo by Dan Fellow)

Blowhole in Bicheno - Tasmania

The blowhole: Bicheno (photo by Dan Fellow)

Of course, there’s plenty of other tourists attractions and things to do to keep you amused on a visit to the east coast of Tasmania. Besides the beautiful sandy beaches, there’s shopping in Bicheno; Douglas Apsley National Park and East Coast Natureworld, for starters. We’re just saying the blowhole in Bicheno is worth looking out for.

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