We heard something very disturbing yesterday. We don’t usually name names or point fingers, but what we are about to disclose is truly shocking. The owners of Blue Envy (a cafe/restaurant on the Bellerive boardwalk) plan to pull the plug on a particularly enjoyable Hobart dining experience.

Blue Envy - Chicken

Chicken: asparagus, prosciutto and tomatoes

Blue Envy Cafe Restaurant in Bellerive

You know we’re just being drama queens, yes? The owners of this relatively new eastern-shore establishment are just changing-up their menu, doing what good restauranteurs do. Ordinarily, a new menu would be celebrated; fresh, seasonal dishes to taste and more than likely enjoy. But this particular menu-change will signal goodbye to our very favourite Blue Envy dish: pan fried potato and sage gnocchi with roast butternut pumpkin, cherry tomatoes and baby spinach in a brown butter and lemon sauce with goats cheese mousse and pistachio. If you think that tastes as impressive and delicious as it sounds, you’d be correct.

Blue Envy - Vegetarian Gnocchi

Vegetarian gnocchi: Blue Envy Cafe Restaurant

We are trying to cope with this news in a calm and reasonable fashion. We will be forced to return yet again to Blue Envy at 12 Cambridge Road, Bellerive and farewell the gnocchi in the manner it deserves… by eating it (at least once more) before October 23.

Blue Envy - Croquettes

Tasmanian salmon and prawn croquettes

For the record, the other dishes we’ve so-far tried (the meals pictured above were all from the small-plate selection) have been equally delicious! As have the hot drinks. Therefore, it would stand to reason the new menu will be perfectly good. But we’ll still be sad to see the gnocchi go. At least the view of the Bellerive marina from the full-length boardwalk-facing windows, and the lovely heritage building will remain the same.

Blue Envy - Cafe Restaurant

Blue Envy Cafe Restaurant, Bellerive

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Map: Blue Envy, Bellerive Tasmania

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