I recently pampered myself with a very special soap all the way from Blue Rocks, Flinders Island. It was a huge bar with an attractive label that read: Lemongrass & Sea Lettuce. What made it even more special was that I had met the soap maker.

Blue Rocks - Soap

Blue Rocks soaps: handmade by Kath Dallas

Kath Dallas: Blue Rocks Soaps

by Roger Findlay

Kath Dallas lives on a secluded property a few kilometres north of Whitemark on Flinders Island. Blue Rocks is a magical name for an address but if you blinked you would miss it. On reading some history, it amazed me that Blue Rocks once had a small school.

Blue Rocks - Kath Dallas & Jeanette Findlay

Kath Dallas with Jeanette Findlay

From the first moment, we felt at home in the company of this wonderful, laid-back, islander. We enjoyed a cup of tea in the cosy wood-heated kitchen.

Handmade Soap, Flinders Island Style

This Blue Rocks soap ‘factory’ is nothing like a Reckitt & Colman operation. No, it’s a one woman show in the kitchen and laundry of a quaint house where every bit of space in the bedroom is used for storage. Each room had the delightful smell of the unprocessed natural ingredients and from the boxes of neatly stacked completed soaps.

Blue Rocks - Handmade Soap

Blue Rocks handmade soap

Blue Rocks - Flinders Island Soap

Soap handmade by Kath Dallas, Flinders Island

Kath is handy on a computer too. She has set up documents for printing the unique labels that fully describe the ingredients and the benefits. She has also set up a website for promotion and mail order of Blue Rocks Soaps. I have already decided that Kath Dallas is never going to make a million but, with the help of Think Tasmania, we’re going to have a go at rewarding her in a way that she deserves.

Blue Rocks - Flinders Island

Blue Rocks, Flinders Island

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Map: Blue Rocks Soaps, Flinders Island

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