Legend has it that Boat Harbour was named such because a local sailor fell asleep at the helm. Luckily for Captain John Jacobs, his boat drifted into the safety of the small harbour. Captain Jacobs sailed the schooner Edward from Stanley along the north west coast for Van Diemen’s Land Company. It could be argued that the good captain had the best office in the world.

Boat Harbour - Beach

Beautiful and popular: Boat Harbour Beach Tasmania

Boat Harbour: North West Tasmanian Gem

Originally known as Jacob’s Boat Harbour, the Tasmanian town was first settled by Europeans in the 1830s. In those days, there weren’t any roads to the larger centres of Burnie and Devonport, so potatoes grown in the surrounding district were transported by sea. The location was pretty dismal for a port though, with steep hillside tracks and little protection of the coastline from rough seas.

These days, Boat Harbour is very popular for holidays. Besides nearby holiday accommodation and camping facilities, the small township on the Bass Highway boasts a general store selling petrol and basic supplies; as well as a primary school with 250 students. Residents are blessed with stunning bay views, and there’s little wonder tourists are drawn to nearby Boat Harbour Beach, accessed via a short sign-posted drive west from the township.

Boat Harbour - North West Tasmania

Road to Boat Harbour (photo by Dan Fellow)

Potato Port to Holiday Resort

Back in 1917, the first permanent shack was built in the area by an astute local. By the 1920s, several others had followed suit, and Boat Harbour Beach had become the popular holiday resort it remains to this day.

Boat Harbour - Jolly Rogers on the Beach

Drinks at the cafe: Boat Harbour

Boat Harbour - Beach Camping

Camping: Boat Harbour Beach

We were inspired to share some holiday snaps from a trip (or two!) to the north west coast by one of our dedicated Facebook fans. They asked a forum question about pet-friendly accommodation at Boat Harbour and nearby Sisters Beach. Then we compared our own photos with those of the professional photographers we know and love here at Think Tasmania. We chose to sneak a few extras into this article for your viewing pleasure!

Carol has already shared a wonderful article about Rocky Cape National Park, certainly worth a visit if you venture to Boat Harbour. We know she’s also been to Seabreeze @ Killynaught, a cafe, restaurant and function centre at Boat Harbour. We’ve seen Carol’s photos from that delightful-sounding experience, and will share them and her thoughts about the venue with Think Tasmania readers when she’s well again.

Boat Harbour - Rocky Cape

Rocky Cape National Park (photo by Carol Haberle)

Boat Harbour - Popular Beach

Boat Harbour Beach (photo by Carol Haberle)

Amazing photos abound from Boat Harbour Beach. But you just cannot appreciate the picture-perfect beauty until you visit the region in person yourself. The clean white sands are so enticing and the azure-coloured waters just sparkle like gemstones. It’s definitely worthy of its hype as the most gorgeous place on the north west coast. And the weather… we’ve never encountered a bad day in paradise!

Boat Harbour - Beach Holiday Resort

Boat Harbour Beach (photo by Dan Fellow)

Boat Harbour is located 30kms from Burnie – take the Bass Highway. 185kms of worthwhile driving north-west of Launceston in northern Tasmania will see you on holidays at Boat Harbour Beach.

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