Lunch at the Botanical Gardens Hobart: we did boast a little about that on Think Tasmania’s Facebook Page, didn’t we? But we also promised to share, and although the meal has long-since been devoured, we may be able to leave you with a little inspiration. Hardly the same, I know. Sorry about that!

Botanical Gardens Hobart - Royal Red Flowers

Royal and red: flowers, Botanical Gardens Hobart

Lunch: Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens Hobart

The day of our outing was a little overcast, but it was warm and cosy inside the restaurant at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens. Hobart and the River Derwent were laid out providing a lovely view from the deck, and the staff were exceptionally friendly and very efficient.

Botanical Gardens Hobart - Tasmanian Restaurant

Lovely Tasmanian restaurant: Botanical Gardens Hobart

The restaurant had a lovely ambiance. The mauve-coloured walls, and the sheer material draped from the ceiling, gave a luxurious feel to the room. Images from the garden scrolled onto a flat screen TV, a nice reminder of your surroundings.

Botanical Gardens Hobart - Royal Restaurant

Royal: restaurant,  Tasmanian Botanical Gardens Hobart

Tasmanian Restaurant Menu

First thing I’d mention about this Tasmanian restaurant: the serves were just as generous as the staff. Large wine glasses were almost filled, and the house bread for one with dukkah spice and olive oil was enough for a whole tribe.

Botanical Gardens Hobart - House Bread/Dukka Spice/Olive Oil

House bread with dukkah spices and olive oil

From the main menu, we chose a spinach and three cheese filo parcel. The spinach is grown onsite in the Botanical Gardens in Hobart and they use Tasmanian cheese. Continuing the local produce theme, we also had Tasmanian venison shanks with a hazelnut crusted parsnip fritter. This came with a blackberry and Tasmanian pepper berry jus.

Botanical Gardens Hobart - Spinach/Tasmanian Cheese Parcel

Spinach and three Tasmanian cheeses filo parcel

Botanical Gardens Hobart - Tasmanian Venison Shanks

Tasmanian venison shanks with a hazelnut parsnip fritter

To round out the main course, we were served a delicious garden salad, one of the best I’ve ever seen. Of course, when the ingredients are plucked for the iconic Tasmanian restaurant straight from the Botanical Gardens in the morning, it’s probably hard to go wrong.

Botanical Gardens Hobart - Tasmanian Restaurant Salad

Fresh salad, grown Royal Botanical Gardens Hobart

Now I really didn’t want to have dessert, but as a good reporter should, I went the extra mile just for the sake of research. They had quite an array of delectable looking sweet treats, and after a long deliberation we chose a triple-layered chocolate mousse cake. I know… I suffer terribly to get the real story! Turns out, it was a pretty good choice, actually. Again… sorry!

Botanical Gardens Hobart - Chocolate Mousse Cake

Layered chocolate mousse cake dessert: royal treat

Royal Red Flowers: Botanical Gardens Hobart

The restaurant is located in the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens Hobart visitor centre building. After a relaxing lunch like ours, you might like to study the foyer artwork and do a little shopping. They sell lots of garden-inspired souvenirs, books and even seeds for your own patch at home.

Botanical Gardens Hobart - Visitor Centre Artwork

Artwork: Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens visitor centre

Botanical Gardens Hobart - Plant Seeds

Seeds: Botanical Gardens Hobart Visitor Centre

And while you’re there, it would probably be a good idea to discover the other things to do at the Botanical Gardens. Hobart and the Queens Domain are definitely places you need to keep your camera handy; especially if pretty flowers are your special interest. The conservatory is an absolute delight.

Botanical Gardens Hobart - Conservatory

Conservatory: Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

So there you have it. We’ve done our best to keep you informed about the lunch options at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens Hobart. As they say… tough job!

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