Last week we promised to publish a collection of Bothwell photos by Dan Fellow. It was a two-for-one deal. Dan had been to visit Elm Corner Cafe and the co-located business of Eclectic Blue. He convinced us (with amazing ease) that both the business owners and the town of Bothwell as a whole were worth promoting via Think Tasmania.

Bothwell Photos - Bothwell Grange

Bothwell Grange, Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

Small Tasmanian Town: Bothwell Photos

photos by Dan Fellow

Dan’s Bothwell photos speak for themselves, and we invite interested parties to add their own comments about the Tasmanian town below. First-hand knowledge and information is always preferred over random grabs and links from Google. One person bound to have details to share is Ross Baker, the traditional golf-club maker at Lost Farm (Barnbougle) in north east Tasmania.

Bothwell Photos - Bothwell Stores

Bothwell stores: version one (photo by Dan Fellow)

Bothwell Photos - Stores

Bothwell stores: version two (photo by Dan Fellow)

Here’s one thing we did notice: there’s obviously lots of heritage houses and buildings. When we published an article about Richmond Gaol, there was mention of the title “Tasmania’s most important historic town”. Oatlands was one place that vied for the award; along with Campbell Town, Evandale and George Town according to our social media discussion. Maybe Bothwell should get a look in as well?

Regardless of the town’s ranking in that debate, there’s definitely lots of Tasmanian history to discover during a visit. Carol revealed much of interest in her article about Bothwell. We’re certainly very keen to visit the region ourselves. There may not be anything left unsaid or unseen, but we’d like to visit anyway. Knowing there’s the Nant Estate Whisky Distillery to explore also makes the idea very attractive. Hopefully these additional Bothwell photos (and we have more in our kit bag) have given you incentive to make your way there one day too.

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Map: Bothwell Tasmania

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