We like to incorporate Bothwell Tasmania in one of our semi-regular Sunday drives. The small town provides a perfect lunch-break location in the journey during the circular loop from Hobart via Richmond and Kempton to Hamilton and back home again through New Norfolk.

Bothwell Tasmania - Nant Distillery

Nant Estate: Bothwell Tasmania

Bothwell Tasmania: Nant Estate

Nant Estate is our favourite place to dine in Bothwell. The casual-style food has always been delicious, but the highlight is the stunning outlook from the deck. It’s just a lovely place to relax and enjoy a quiet little drink.

Bothwell Tasmania - Nant Estate

Burger: Bothwell Tasmania

Bothwell Tasmania - Lunch at Nant Estate

Curry chicken pie: Bothwell Tasmania

Dining Out in Bothwell

Neglecting the other options, that’s the real problem with having a favourite place to dine out. Every time we mention Bothwell via social media, one of our followers chips in with another recommendation. The Castle Hotel has had many mentions.

Bothwell Tasmania - Hotel

Castle Hotel: Bothwell Tasmania

So too has Sealy’s Store. The cafe and gift shop is housed in a heritage building (circa 1850) in Alexander Street and does look interesting. We MUST spend more time exploring the Central Highlands, and maybe include an overnight visit sometime.

Bothwell Tasmania - Street Signs

Alexander Street: Bothwell Tasmania

Bothwell Tasmania - Cafe

Sealy’s Store: Bothwell Tasmania

Heritage Tasmania

One thing’s for sure: Bothwell Tasmania has plenty of delightful heritage buildings to photograph and discover. We need to get our hands on the “town walk” brochure from the Golf Museum… and allow more time.

Bothwell Tasmania - Church

Picturesque church: Bothwell Tasmania

Bothwell Tasmania - Visitor Information

Visitor Information Centre: Bothwell Tasmania

Bothwell Tasmania - Grange

Bothwell Grange, Tasmania

Bothwell Tasmania - Heritage Buildings

Bothwell Tasmania: heritage buildings

Bothwell Tasmania is located 60kms (by road) from New Norfolk, capital of the Derwent Valley. The small town is part of the Central Highlands municipality, and is a popular base for lake district fishermen and hunters.

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