If you’re keen on picture-postcard scenery, Brady’s Lookout might be worth a visit during your travels to northern Tasmania.

Brady's Lookout - North of Launceston

Picture postcard scenery: northern Tasmania

Breathtaking: Brady’s Lookout

Stopping on the roadside in Tasmania to capture a beautiful vista is not always a safe thing to do. But there’s no worries at Brady’s Lookout, with easy access and plenty of off-road parking.

Brady's Lookout - West Tamar

West Tamar region

Beautiful views over the Tamar River and surrounding areas reward those who do make the stop. You’ll also find good facilities: clean toilets and picnic tables with sheltered barbecues.

Brady's Lookout - Picnic Facilities

Parks & Wildlife Service Tasmania

The path to the hilltop lookout has a moderate gradient, but would probably be okay for most levels of fitness. It’s only a short walk from the carpark to the top. And even if you can’t make the journey, the views from the lower level are still spectacular.

Matthew Brady the Bushranger

Brady’s Lookout is named in “honour” of bushranger Matthew Brady, whose interesting tale is represented at the site. Brady was captured near Launceston after two years at large, during which he “fought a number of running battles with government troops and private settlers”. You can read more of Brady’s story online at the Australian Dictionary of Biography website.

Brady's Lookout - Matthew Brady

Brady’s Lookout: namesake bush-ranger Matthew Brady

The turnoff to Brady’s Lookout State Reserve is clearly signposted. You’ll find the location on the West Tamar Highway, about 20kms north-west of Launceston, and about halfway between Legana and Exeter. The site is managed by Parks and Wildlife Service Tasmania.

Brady's Lookout - Tamar Valley

Brady’s Lookout: Tamar Valley winery

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Map: Brady’s Lookout, Tamar Valley Tasmania

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