On a cold winter morning, there’s nothing quite like a good cooked breakfast to start the day. I love eggs and bacon with a sausage or black pudding and a dollop of beans on slices of buttered toast.

Breakfast - Jackman & McRoss

Jackman & McRoss: Battery Point (photo by Roger Findlay)

Breakfast Time in Hobart

by Roger Findlay

You will have your own ideas on the best places to go in Hobart and I look forward to receiving your suggestions. I’m no expert when it comes to eating out in Hobart or Tasmania but I have enjoyed breakfasts at Basket and Green, Harbour Lights, Maldini Café as well as sitting under a statue eating items purchased from the Wursthaus and Salamanca Fresh.

In this article I will be sharing two different experiences where one would appeal to those on a tight budget and the other to those with a fat wallet like mine. I wish!

On any day of the week, I like to walk through Salamanca enjoying the arcades, shops and people. I am able to browse salmon steaks, Cumberland sausages, pork pies, fine wines and cheeses without going out of my way. If I expend a bit of energy and walk up the Kelly Steps I will be on my way to Hampden Road, Battery Point and the eye catching Jackman & McRoss.

Breakfast Meeting: Jackman & McRoss

It was early on a cold Saturday morning when Gavin from Think Tasmania accompanied me for breakfast. On entering the door, we found ourselves adjacent to glass displays of attractive cakes with all shapes of loaves perched on shelves at the rear. After a bit of humour with those in the queue, we took a small table at the rear of the café to the right of the busy counter area.

Breakfast - Cakes

Cakes, pastries and donuts (photo by Roger Findlay)

The breakfast menu was extensive making the choice difficult. It was going to be a punt but, after the first coffee, a decision was made. Gavin went for the Breakfast Claypot consisting of a poached egg, pancetta, chipolata, mushroom and spinach. I chose a puff pastry wrap of chorizo, Gruyere cheese and caramalised onion.

Breakfast - Bakery Selection

Breakfast: J & M bakery (photo by Roger Findlay)

We both agreed the choice had been satisfactory and different to the conventional breakfast. The clientele reminded me of those that frequent the café strips of Fitzroy where the ritual is to read the morning papers on any day of the week where time and money is of secondary importance.

On the way out, I requested a loaf that would last for a week when I travelled north. It was long and solid; the sort of thing that could be used for a mugging without being a baseball bat.

Knopwoods for a Guinness

You will know by now that Knopwoods Retreat is my second home when I’m in Hobart. I have my place in the snug on the left as you enter the door. On Saturday 20 April 2013 I’m hoping to meet you all there just after opening time. I will be wearing a dark green woollen shirt and I’ll have a pint of Guinness in my hand.

Breakfast - Roger at Knopwoods

Pint of Guinness: Knopwoods, Hobart (photo supplied)

Knopwwods is conveniently situated to what I enjoy most. The Market, Hobart Book Shop, Tassal, Wursthaus, and now, Drifters Café.

Drifters Cafe: Salamanca Place, Hobart

For many years I’ve been hanging out around Montpellier Retreat. I’m in and out of the Wilderness Society Shop and Wursthaus. I’m up and down the arcade at the rear but on this occasion I entered Drifters Café for the first time.

Breakfast - Drifters Cafe

Hobart breakfast at Drifters Cafe (photo by Roger Findlay)

It was early and they were still preparing for the day ahead. I seated myself close to the Montpellier Retreat door so that I could get a whiff of a veal and ham pie from my beloved next door. I had entered through the arcade to avoid the temptation of jewellery and craft work in the adjoining premises.

The friendly waitress recommended a full English breakfast and it wasn’t long before it appeared. Huge and enough to keep me going all day! Two poached eggs, rashers of good quality bacon, Wursthaus sausages, baked beans, mushrooms, grilled tomato and toast. All of that for less than $20 beautifully presented and served with a smile.

Breakfast - Full English

Full English breakfast: Drifters Cafe (photo by Roger Findlay)

Knopwoods: Hobart Home Base

I took my time enjoying every bit. By now a few more started to arrive. Regulars who recognise a good feed I suspect. I finished looking at the paper and decided to leave for my second home. I was first through the door and delighted in the smell of dregs from the night before.

The head was rising; my hand was starting to shake. $9 spent, I took my place in the snug. Out came the tablets. One for my blood pressure, and one to thin the blood. God, if my doctor found out I was having a good time and enjoying life he’d soon put an end to that.

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