What would you do if someone you loved was diagnosed with breast cancer? Breast cancer doesn’t discriminate, it can happen to anyone, at any age.

Breast Cancer Artwork - Christmas Cards

Christmas cards: Janelle McMillan (photo supplied)

Artwork for Breast Cancer Foundation

by Janelle McMillan

I have taken up the challenge of using my artwork to raise money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation because a classmate from high school was diagnosed with breast cancer a couple of years ago. I have a disability called Cerebral Palsy that makes my body move uncontrollably. Cerebral Palsy may have invaded my body but it hasn’t invaded my spirit to have a go in life.

I created all the artwork for the 2015 breast cancer calendar; Christmas cards and framed A3 artworks on a computer using a joystick for the mouse and a switch behind my head as the mouse button. I can’t use a computer like everyone else because of my lack of body control.

Breast Cancer Artwork - Artist Janelle McMillan

Janelle McMillan: Breast Cancer artwork (photo supplied)

Janelle’s Breast Cancer Artwork Fundraising

There are nine artworks for sale. The framed prints measure 50 x 37 cm and will sell for the best offer over $50 each. Interstate buyers are asked to cover postage costs as well. All proceeds from sales will go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Breast Cancer Artwork - Framed Prints

Framed artwork by Janelle McMillan (photo supplied)

Sue Hillam is assisting me to sell the artworks until they go to Hobart’s Girls Day Out on November 23. You can call Sue 0417 360 867 for further enquiries or to make a purchase.

Calendars and Christmas Cards for a Cause

My idea to create a breast cancer calendar was to raise money for breast cancer research, but also to raise awareness among young people. The calendars sell for $10.00 each.

This year, buy Christmas cards with attitude and make your friends and family smile. You will also be giving people with breast cancer hope for a cure during the festive season. A pack of eight Christmas cards (with envelopes) sells for $10.00.

Breast Cancer Artwork - 2015 Christmas Cards

Christmas cards with envelopes (photo supplied)

My goal is sell out by the end of year. But of course, I need your help to achieve my goal. The Christmas cards and calendars are available from…

  • Hobart Girls Day Out in November
  • Bendigo Bank in Rosny or Glenorchy
  • contact Janelle McMillan to arrange for delivery to anywhere in Australia
Breast Cancer Artwork - Hope

Artwork: Hope for a Cure (photo supplied)

The Hobart Volunteer Committee ~ National Breast Cancer Foundation is a registered member of Think Tasmania. Photos supplied by Janelle McMillan.