If you’ve read many Think Tasmania articles, you’ll know we love the sight of cruise ships in Hobart. Not only do they look pretty, they also bring hordes of tourists to Tasmanian shores to spend their holiday dollar. It can’t be considered anything but good for all the local business owners.

Brigette Bardot - Cruise Ship Hobart

Diamond Princess cruise ship: Hobart Tasmania

Brigette Bardot Comes to Hobart

The Hobart waterfront in general is a just nice place to be. During the Wooden Boat Festival in early February, the Tasmanian capital turned on some fabulous weather and treated the crowds to a brilliant display. Locals and visitors mingled amongst the wooden boats, demonstrations and stall-holders in a carnival atmosphere.

But every day can be a party in Hobart, regardless of the weather or current events. Dining out on local seafood at iconic Tasmanian restaurants such as Mures, located right next to a working fisherman’s dock is a special experience, any day of the week.

Brigette Bardot - Mures, Victoria Dock

Mures Tasmania, Victoria Dock: Hobart

Hobart Waterfront Stage

That’s why we chose to show-off the precinct to Kerrie Dodson (our guest reporter) when she returned from her 10-day trip with Franklin River Rafting. We spent the morning at MONA, then enjoyed a very pleasant meal and de-brief about the adventure tour. And we couldn’t help notice another lovely lady moored nearby at Elizabeth Street Pier.

Brigette Bardot - Animal Activist

Brigette Bardot

The Brigette Bardot is a scout or interceptor vessel for the fleet of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ships. She is designed to undertake a similar mission to her famous predecessor, the Ady Gil, once a state-of-the-art trimaran worth $1.5 million. The Ady Gil was scuttled after an altercation with a Japanese whaling vessel caused extensive damage. It sank to the bottom of the Southern Ocean in January 2010.

Brigette Bardot - Zero Tolerance

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Tough Gig: Ady Gil and Brigette Bardot

These days the Brigette Bardot looks much less menacing than its Ady Gil counterpart, which was black and sleek and looked like something from a Batman movie. Hopefully this vessel won’t suffer the same fate as the last, although she is required to battle some ferocious conditions at sea. Early last year, she spent three months in dry dock in Fremantle (Western Australia) after a huge wave in the Southern Ocean caused heavy damage.

Brigette Bardot - Trimarran

Brigette Bardot: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

She also had a brief stint in Hobart last month suffering engine trouble. After minor repairs, the crew of the Brigette Bardot quickly refuelled, gathered fresh supplies and returned to join the Bob Barker and the Steve Irwin in the fight against the Japanese whaling fleet in Antarctic waters.

Brigette Bardot - Sea Shepherd Vessels

Sea Shepherd fleet

Brigette Bardot: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

At the time, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society was using the Brigette Bardot in its latest anti-whaling expedition in the Southern Ocean dubbed “Operation No Compromise”. The 35-metre monohull trimaran was originally painted black and called Gojira, which apparently means Godzilla in Japanese… if you can believe everything you read on the Internet, that is!

In May 2011, the former ocean racer was renamed in honour of the famous French movie actress and sex symbol of the 50s and 60s. These days, the former actress is equally well-known as a staunch animal rights activist, having launched the Brigitte Bardot Foundation for the Welfare and Protection of Animals in 1986 more than ten years after her retirement from acting.

Brigette Bardot - Hobart

The Brigette Bardot: Hobart

Heavily involved in the campaign against Japanese whaling, Bardot refers to Paul Watson, the founder of the Sea Shepherd organisation as her “brother in arms” and offered to take his place in jail when he was arrested in Germany. No wonder they renamed the boat.

For more information, see the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society website. You can also follow the MV Brigette Bardot on Facebook.

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