We met Anne Beach from the Department of State Growth at Brooke Street Pier for our Make It Tasmania interview. It was a stroke of genius on Anne’s behalf; an inspired location for meetings in the city. We will no doubt steal her idea in the future!

Brooke Street Pier - Hobart Tasmania

Brooke Street Pier: Hobart Tasmania

Hobart’s Famous Brooke Street Pier

We have actually mentioned Brooke Street Pier before, ever so-briefly in our pictorial article about walking the Hobart waterfront. That passing reference did not do the place justice.

Brooke Street Pier - MONA Ferry

MONA ferry: Brooke Street Pier, Hobart

Good coffee can be had by visiting Bright Eyes, a sister store to the popular Pilgrim Coffee in Hobart’s Argyle Street. People watch, grab a paper or chat with friends around the low-lying tables.

Brooke Street Pier - Bright Eyes Espresso

Bright Eyes Espresso: Brooke Street Pier

Trade Market Space

Bright Eyes Espresso is actually a stall-holder in the open-style “Trade” market space of Brooke Street Pier. Retailers are subject to change depending on lease agreements, but a few of our favourites have been known to hang out there…

There are more tales to tell from visits to Brooke Street Pier, but we’ll save them for another day. Aloft Restaurant, Brooke Street Larder and The Glass House are just some of the traders attracting attention in Hobart right now.

The new Brooke Street Pier is a four storey floating pier. It is both a building and a boat.

If you haven’t already discovered the ingenuity of Hobart’s floating pier, you really should *Read All About It* via the Brooke Street Pier website under the “Design Wank” tab. Fascinating, and just so unique. Not wanky at all.

Brooke Street Pier is located on Franklin Wharf on the Hobart waterfront, the departure point for the MONA ferry. Phone (03) 6321 5113 for details or follow Brooke Street Pier on Facebook.

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