Think Tasmania is hosting important visitors from interstate at the moment. And when I say important, I mean VIP all the way. We really want these visitors to love Tasmania as much as we do, so we’re determined to show them a good time. To do that, some sacrifices will have to be made. Today, for example, I had the chance to enjoy a Bruny Island experience with Herbaceous Tours. But after much soul-searching, I finally declined Sally’s invitation so I could act the perfect hostess.

Bruny Island Experience - Cape Bruny Lighthouse

Cape Bruny: experience (photo by Dan Fellow)

Bruny Island Experience: Food, Farms and Fun

Sally warns her Bruny Island tour is “not for the faint hearted”. It’s a long day, covering lots of territory, but guests are promised great food and spectacular scenery on the return journey from Hobart. Cheese, wines, berries and oysters all feature in the gourmet food schedule, as well as a privileged visit to Murrayfield Farm.

Bruny Island Experience - Get Shucked Oysters

Get Shucked Oysters on Bruny Island

Some Tasmanian tourists might be attracted to the cultural and environmental heritage offered by a visit to Murrayfield, which is owned by the Indigenous Land Corporation and operated by resident managers. Others might realise the sheep property is the work-place of Todd from the latest series of “Farmer Wants a Wife” on TV. We did suggest to Sally that she could start a niche tour called “Wife Wants a Farmer”, but she wasn’t quite as amused by the idea as we were!

Bruny Island Experience - The Neck

Wonderful scenery: Bruny Island (photo by Dan Fellow)

Bruny Island Bird Festival, D’Entrecasteaux Channel Region

As it turns out, the trip with Herbaceous Tours wasn’t the only Bruny Island experience on offer this week. Allegra Biggs Dale (who wrote an article for us a while back about Ida Bay Railway) had this to say:

Hi Tania

Will you be covering the Bruny Island Bird Festival? Don’t miss this spectacular long weekend in October. Check out the Bruny Island Environment Network website for the event information.

Peppermint Bay is offering a good deal for Saturday; boat trip down for visitors to mill about the market, exhibition and so forth. You could write about them and the festival.

Hope to meet you if you come along. Look for the Spirit of Bruny booth, this was my baby to save Mt. Mangana from continued forestry destruction.

Cheers, Allegra

Now as much as we’d love to enjoy a Bruny Island experience on the weekend, the VIPs we’re hosting have an intense fear of boats. Even boats like the Bruny Island Ferry from Kettering, or the Peppermint Bay catamaran that runs from Hobart. Now many, many people would assure potential travellers that either of these boats are so stable you wouldn’t even realise you were ON a boat. But a fear is a fear.

Bruny Island Experience - Mirambeena Ferry, Kettering

Bruny Island Ferry, Kettering

Sharing the Love of Tasmania

If any of our dedicated readers do happen to visit the Bruny Island Festival on the weekend, we’d love to share any stellar photos you’ve taken with everyone. We have a great team, and we do say “all things Tasmanian”… but we can’t be everywhere all the time. So we have special photo albums on Facebook to promote anything we miss. And it seems there’s plenty of people willing to share the joy about Tasmania.

November 6 2012 ~ You can now read about the Bruny Island Bird Festival thanks to guest contributors Helen Young and Shutterbug Walkabouts Tasmania.

Bruny Island Experience - Bird Festival

Great photos by Dan Fellow

For more details about a Bruny Island experience with Herbaceous Tours, visit Sally’s website. Or visit the Bruny Island Experience website for details about the accommodation property owned by Allegra. For more images by Dan Fellow, visit Tasmania Photos on Facebook.

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Map: Bruny Island Experience, Tasmania

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