No matter how often you visit a place, there’s always more things to do: more to experience, more to taste, more to photograph and more to appreciate. That’s why I’ve started a bucket list for Strahan. When next I venture to the west coast of Tasmania, here’s what I plan to do in the tourism hub of the western wilderness.

Photos of Strahan - Looking toward Strahan Harbour

Strahan Harbour (photo by Carol Haberle)

Bucket List for Strahan: Part One

I’ve limited this particular bucket list for Strahan to only five items. If I revealed everything on my wish-list in one go, the article would take days to read. I’m sure you have way better things to do with your time!

So a top-five bucket-list it is. These tourist attractions in Strahan are my first priority…

The Ship That Never Was: Round Earth Theatre Company

Tasmania’s longest running play tells the dramatic and hilarious tale of the last “great escape” from Sarah Island. In January 1834, ten convict shipwrights absconded with The Frederick, the last ship built at the convict settlement of Sarah Island. The play certainly sounds like fun-filled family entertainment to me! A daily performance of The Ship That Never Was runs from September to May at the Strahan Amphitheatre.

  • Phone: (03) 6471 7700
  • Address: PO Box 170 Strahan TAS 7468
  • Email:

Strahan Seaplanes and Helicopters

Could there be a better way to see the picturesque township of Strahan on the west coast of Tasmania than by air? Strahan Seaplanes operate scenic flights from the edge of Macquarie Harbour, the second largest harbour in Australia. The waterfront village acts as the gateway to some of the most ancient rainforest in Australia. And I’ve never been in a helicopter before, not even once, in my entire life!

  • Phone: (03) 6471 7718
  • Address: The Esplanade Strahan TAS 7468
  • Email:

Gangplank Expeditions: Fishing & Sightseeing Charters Macquarie Harbour

Guests of Gangplank Expeditions embark on a custom-designed, private journey. Therefore I’ll be able to choose a tour to suit my own time-frame, interests and frame-of-mind on the day. I like the idea of a picnic on a deserted beach, sampling good local produce, with a spot of fishing thrown in. A real-life wilderness photography experience also appeals to me.

  • Phone: 0408 927 501
  • Address: PO Box 158 Strahan TAS 7468
  • Email:

World Heritage Cruises

World Heritage Cruises… definitely on my bucket list for Strahan, and I wouldn’t be alone in that wish. Passengers are invited to enjoy the natural and historic features of Macquarie Harbour from the company’s luxury catamaran Eagle. The tour includes Hells Gates, aquaculture farms, a guided tour of convict settlement Sarah Island and cruising the world-famous Gordon River.

  • Phone: (03) 6471 7174
  • Address: The Esplanade Strahan TAS 7468
  • Email:

Evening Photography Sessions

On a clear day you can look over Strahan Wharf, greater Macquarie Harbour, Ocean Beach and the mountains near Zeehan from the Water Tower Hill lookout at the top of Esk Road in Strahan. I’m determined to grab a few shots while I’m in town.

Then I’ll venture to Hogarth Falls, a short drive from the town’s centre, and capture the elusive platypus feeding in Botanical Creek at dusk. After dark, wallabies, possums and quolls will become my target. And having seen a myriad of sunset images featuring Tasmania’s west coast, collecting my own album of images is firmly on my bucket list for Strahan.

We’d love to know: what’s on your bucket list for Strahan? If there’s something you think we absolutely, positively must do while we’re in town, by all means let us know. We’re always open to suggestions.

Map: Strahan Tasmania…