You may think there’s not enough material to write a whole article about the tiny township of Buckland, let alone two articles! But we’re about to disprove that theory. Considering we’ve already covered the main attraction (that in our view being the Buckland church) we want to tell you a little secret. The Buckland Park, possibly known locally as the sports ground, is a ripper!

Buckland Park - Pet Friendly

Buckland Park: child-friendly

Buckland Park: Between Hobart and Orford

If you’re looking for clean toilets and a place to stretch your legs between Hobart and the east coast of Tasmania, the Buckland Park (as we’re calling it) is for you. As a meeting place for families to enjoy a picnic or barbecue, we’d call it perfect.

Let’s start with the toilets. Perhaps not the highest priority for everyone, I get that. But when you travel a lot, you really appreciate good amenities when you’re lucky enough to find them. At the Buckland Park, it was like using the bathroom in someone’s home. There was a real hand-towel, and soap even! Whoever is charged with the cleaning duties gets a gold star from me. And the sensor light actually came on automatically. Very impressive.

Buckland Park - Public Toilets

Let’s talk toilets!

Barbecue or Picnic: Friends and Family

The sheltered barbecues in the centre of a large, grassy area were meticulously clean. In fact, it could be that never a sausage had been cooked on those hotplates. Under the same shelter, visitors will find a picnic table with seating, also clean. If you’ve landed at the Buckland Park without food and drink, you can pop down to the corner store, which doubles as the local roadhouse complete with fuel supplies. And of course, Orford is only 16kms away, boasting a well-stocked IGA supermarket.

Buckland Park - Barbecue & Picnic

Barbecue and picnic table

While the adults mill around the barbecue preparing lunch, the kiddies can run off some energy. Close by, well-maintained playground equipment would amuse the young ones; a nearby cricket pitch (complete with net) awaits the older, sporty types. There’s plenty of room either side for games with a footy or a frisbee.

Buckland Park - Playground

Playground: Buckland Park

Buckland Park is almost pet friendly. The grounds weren’t totally enclosed, so any dogs prone to running off on their own adventure would be best kept on a lead. However, well-trained mutts who are keen to sniff for rabbits without bolting would love the open space and lush grass. Don’t forget to dispose of the doggy-doo!

Buckland Park - Grass

Buckland Park: grass for sniffing

The Secrets of Buckland

Since discovering the Buckland Park, we’ve stopped there several times when driving from Hobart to the east coast of Tasmania, and we’ve never seen another soul. I told you… it’s quite the secret location. Turning north from the Tasman Highway into Burnett Street, cross the intersection of Kent Street and arrive at your destination at the end of the road. We have a hunch the area may be the designated caravan and camping ground for the town, but we’ve never seen so much as a tent pitched there.

Buckland Park - Think Tasmania

Think Tasmania secret location: Buckland Park

Ye Olde Buckland Inn is located in the main thoroughfare of Kent Street. Can a Tasmanian town with a population of sub-200 can have a thoroughfare? Let’s say yes for now. We’ve not had the opportunity to visit Buckland Inn, so we can’t offer a first-hand assessment. The pub was built in 1843 and apparently licensed soon after, so it certainly qualifies for its “Ye Olde” moniker.

We’ve heard the original bar is still featured, and we’re not averse to the idea of sampling a counter meal one day in the future, just for the sake of research. The pub predates the local post office, which highlights the priorities of the town’s residents all those years ago.

Buckland Park - Ye Olde Buckland Inn

Ye Olde Buckland Inn (photo by Dan Fellow)

Confession and Obsession in Buckland

Visitors to the town can explore St John the Baptist Church and surrounding cemetery on the Tasman Highway. It’s well known for its stained glass windows and has drawn many history enthusiasts to the region. Maybe the kids would prefer to stay at Buckland Park with the dog, but we think attractive Tasmanian churches present great appeal. Those keen on photography should definitely take their camera.

Buckland Park - Church

St John the Baptist Anglican Church (1846)

Buckland Park - Stained Glass Windows

Stained glass windows: Buckland Church

We’ve previously published an article about the nearby Tasmanian Bushland Garden as well. Do you think we’re obsessed with Buckland? It does sound like it, maybe just a little! But we’re up for the challenge of writing about a good regional tourist attraction and unique things to do in Tasmania; and we do like to get the nitty-gritty details of a place. Should anyone suggest (with malice or in awe) that Think Tasmania can make a story out of nothing… we’d probably concede they’re correct.

Buckland Park - Tasmanian Bushland Garden

Tasmanian Tiger: Bushland Garden

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Map: Buckland Park, Tasmania

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