We went to visit Burnie Regional Art Gallery in north west Tasmania. We discovered an entirely different exhibition to the one we were expecting to see.

Michelangelo: Burnie Regional Art Gallery

A quick peruse of the official website for the Burnie Regional Art Gallery revealed (under the title of permanent collection)…

…the Art Gallery Advisory Committee adopted an acquisition policy. It was decided to acquire the finest examples available in the fields of drawing, printmaking, photography, watercolour and gouache painting…

…The Burnie Regional Art Gallery has over one thousand works in its collection. The special focus is on works on paper, in recognition of the strong historical presence of the papermaking industry in the region…

So, I went along with great anticipation, because these are a few of my favourite things to see: drawing, printmaking, photography and watercolour. At reception, I couldn’t really make them understand. I just wanted to see all the paper-related arts relevant to the region. And they just didn’t get me!

In their defence, the Michelangelo exhibition was in town. I was probably the only person on the planet who wanted to see the local paper-based arts, when I could see the Michelangelo exhibition!

Gavin could sort-of appreciate my disappointment, but inside he was quietly filled with glee. The sculptures and paintings on show were exactly to his artistic preference.

I reluctantly had to admit, the Michelangelo exhibition was outstanding. Walking into the courtyard and laying eyes on the exact one-to-one replica statue of David was mind-blowing. That guy is huge!

The Australia-wide Michelangelo tour (which has now moved on from Burnie) doesn’t necessarily include the statue of David. That was a special treat for the Burnie Regional Art Gallery, as he was purchased (at great expense) by community-minded citizens and sponsors. So they own him; how cool is that?

The paintings, statues and stories were all inspirational, and we would’ve allowed more time to visit the gallery in hindsight. But next time, I do really want to see some of the drawing, printmaking, photography and watercolour treasures promised. Yes?

Burnie Regional Art Gallery is located at 77-79 Wilmot Street, just a couple of city blocks from Bayviews Restaurant and Lounge Bar. Phone (03) 6430 5875 for details or follow Burnie Arts and Function Centre on Facebook.

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Map: Burnie Regional Art Gallery, Tasmania…

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