As the year draws to a close, we’d like to thank everyone who has contributed to Think Tasmania. There’s a really long list, but we’d like to make special mention here of the business owners we’ve featured on the website.

Business Owners - Tin Dragon Trail Cottages

Tin Dragon Trail Cottages

Thank You Business Owners

We consider our relationship with business owners a two-way street. We do provide online promotion for people in our network, that’s true. And during Jan 2013 the website was viewed a total of 44,080 times, so it’s starting to offer some pretty decent exposure. But in return for that promotion, business owners have offered many things to us too; not least of all an experience we can share with our readers. Without interesting, informative and relevant content, we wouldn’t have any readers!

Besides the invitation to visit (so we can write an article from first-hand knowledge), we’ve been able to offer lots of giveaways and opportunities for readers to enjoy Tasmanian places and products. We think it’s the perfect scenario for everyone. We have terrific website content; the business owners get online advertising and our readers are provided with free information and inspiration about Tassie.

Think Tasmania is a Good Idea

During the year, Graham and Christine from Tin Dragon Trail Cottages in Branxholm invited us to visit. We did, and we were able to write and publish a series of articles about them and their region. They acted as host and tour guide, and we were able to cover a great deal of territory in a short space of time.

Not only did we tell our readers about their accommodation, but we were encouraged to share the many things to do in the north east of Tasmania. All the articles were optimised for search engines, and will remain on the website indefinitely. That means potential customers will continue to find those articles for a long time to come.

Now it’s all very well for us to think our system is a good idea; but is it seen as being beneficial by others? We do get a great deal of positive feedback from readers, both as comments left on website articles and messages via Facebook and Twitter. So it seems readers are happy enough with what we do. However, we also need to consider what business owners might get out of a connection with us. We asked Graham and Christine from Tin Dragon Trail Cottages if they would share their thoughts about Think Tasmania, and they kindly agreed.

What We Think of Think Tasmania

by Tin Dragon Trail Cottages

I would like to share our experience of the product offered by Think Tasmania.

When we invited the team to stay with us in North East Tasmania, I guess we hoped the outcome would be more than fond memories. In the past the outcome from hosting tourism professionals and journalists, apart from some (often brief) social contact, has been minimal impact.

However, we enjoyed the visit immensely. It was school holidays and the kids (ours included) had great fun together – as did the adults! We toured as much of the North East as we could. The writers and photographers show genuine interest in all the places and people they meets and have a knack for extracting interesting and quirky local stories. When they left, they promised to write about the north east, and I thought, “that’ll be nice”.

I have been truly amazed at the number of interesting stories that have emerged on the Think Tasmania web page! Each has been written in an engaging style that draws the reader on to want to learn more. Great photos, too.

It is hard to gauge, but the networking effect appears to be far greater than that gained from a static article in print media.

The stories provide a quality resource for our business (Tin Dragon Trail Cottages) to use on Facebook and to send to other interested clients. In only a few weeks we gained 20–30 new “likes” on our Facebook page, and one definite booking (for three days) in our cottages. Even better, the experience has renewed our interest in social media. I highly recommend Tasmanian tourism businesses get on board, invite Think Tasmania to find stories in their local area and network, not just with Think Tasmania, but with other tourism operators.

Networking and Social Media Interest

Without any prompting from Think Tasmania (honestly, that is a genuine third-party testimonial) Tin Dragon Trail Cottages have mentioned two things dear to our hearts… creating a network and using Facebook. Those two issues are the backbone of our own core business. Surprise! We do actually provide paid services to clients. Yes, strangely enough, the kids like to eat and food costs money, so…

Besides sponsorship of the website (call me!) we develop mobile websites for smartphones and our resident qualified software developer offers tricky-dicky ICT services. We also help clients sell goods online. And in case you haven’t guessed, we also manage Facebook pages on behalf of business owners. In order to make that worth paying for, we require a decent network. Hello Think Tasmania website!

Enough About Think Tasmania

Now back to our promotional work for Tin Dragon Trail Cottages. Here’s some of the articles we published following our stay in Branxholm in north east Tasmania. If you missed them the first time around, you really should check them out. You’ll definitely be inspired to pay the region a visit yourselves, which is our main aim. And honestly, there’s just so much more we could cover… we’ve barely even scratched the surface.

We should point out a couple of important factors at this stage.

Point One: Graham took us to visit the Mt Paris Dam, which we thought was fabulous and would have featured in our musings eventually. In the meantime, Carol Haberle (one of our great team of writers), also went to the dam independently and wrote a stellar article about her visit. So we chose to publish her version, and if you’ve seen Carol’s work, you’d understand why!

Point Two: while staying at Tin Dragon Trail Cottages, we were invited to the nearby Weldborough Hotel so we could also experience and share what they had on offer. We absolutely love co-operation between like-minded business owners on occasions like this. As you can imagine, it’s difficult to travel the state for one solitary story, both in terms of expense and time. So when people band together for our benefit, we make it our business to double their return on investment. Think network!

Happy, Happy Thoughts

So that’s a little about our relationship with business owners in Tasmania. We’re completely happy with the system. We see it as much better value for the business owner than a link in a directory; some of which cost money, can you believe? We provide an original article to be shared with the network of the business; and we aim to provide information our readers find worthy of sharing with their network.

Here’s Some More Good News

Early in the new year, we’ll be launching yet another promotional opportunity for business owners. It’s exciting, innovative and unique and will have benefits for both the business owner and our readers. It will draw on the strength of our social media network and will harness the power of our website traffic. We have that aforementioned clever old software developer working on the new system this very minute. It could even be totally free of charge for Tasmanian business owners and it’s NOT another discount card/daily deal/coupon program.

I won’t give the game away just yet, but if you contact Think Tasmania now to register your curiosity we might let you jump the queue. We’d particularly like to hear from anyone we’ve featured on the website, because we already know you have a quality product or service to offer …otherwise we wouldn’t have written about you!

Thanks Again Business Owners

In signing off, let me reiterate my heartfelt thanks to the many business owners we’ve worked with so far. It’s all of you that make Tasmania great; and we’re happy you’ve shown faith in our ability to tell your story. We love all regions, from the cities to the country. We love all ventures, from the icons to the family-operators. And if you have a fabulous place or product, we want to help you share it with the world.