Buttongrass is the title of a newsletter published by the Tasmanian Parks & Wildlife Service. It is distributed twice each year, in summer and winter, to people owning a National Parks pass. It’s a great way to keep up to date with projects and events concerning the parks and reserves around the state.

The articles and photographs reflect the diversity of our State’s natural assets and the broad range of expertise required to manage, protect and promote them.

Buttongrass - Parks & Wildlife Service Tasmania

Buttongrass: Parks & Wildlife Service Tasmania

The current edition of Buttongrass celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service. It highlights some of the magnificent work done by the organisation, and gives an insight into the natural assets being enjoyed by locals and visitors to Tasmania.

I contacted Liz Wren (editor of Buttongrass) and with her permission shared this photo and a link to the current newsletter. Enjoy!

Buttongrass – November 2011, 40th Anniversary Special Edition

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