A few months ago, we published a list outlining ten of our most popular articles in the category of food experiences for kids in Tasmania. In hindsight, that was a silly thing to do. Even with a list 100 places long, we’d still have way too much material. Then take Bruce’s Cafe in Wynyard. We hadn’t actually written about the business at that stage, so obviously it wasn’t included… but it should’ve been!

Cafe in Wynyard - Bruce's

Bruce’s Cafe in Wynyard

Cafe in Wynyard: King of the Kids

We’ve possibly lost touch with reality when it comes to dining out with children. Our kids are way past the baby-toddler stage now. They’re old enough to eat anywhere, and choose from the adult menu without any drama. Except for perhaps our mounting credit card bill by the end of the evening! Bruce’s Cafe in Wynyard however, was teaming with really young ones every time we opened the door.

During our stay in Wynyard, we actually opened their front door quite a few times. We’d travelled to the north west coast for article research, starting the process in Burnie. At the half-way mark, we received a distressed call from our next hosts. They had a medical emergency and had to cancel the visit from Think Tasmania. Perfectly understandable; these unexpected circumstances can happen to anyone. But it did leave us without an accommodation booking for a few days mid-trip.

Cafe in Wynyard - Cabin Accommodation

Cabin: Wynyard, north west Tasmania

Leisure Ville Holiday Centre, Wynyard

Luckily we lobbed at the Leisure Ville Holiday Centre and they welcomed us with open arms. And that’s a whole other story in terms of articles for Think Tasmania to publish. Bruce’s Cafe in Wynyard (a small town in the north west coast region) is a licenced premises at the front entrance of the caravan park.

Cafe in Wynyard - Lesiure Villa Caravan Park

Leisure Villa Holiday Centre: Wynyard Tasmania

Think Tasmania has been scalded for sharing too many photos of food and drink on the website. Perhaps people are dieting? But with so many gourmet travellers drawn to Tasmania, we’ll probably continue our focus on food. In fact, you can be damn sure of it. Those watching their waist-lines might need to shield their eyes occasionally. Sorry! But just this once, we’ll keep the temptation to a minimum. We do try to please everyone.

Cafe in Wynyard - Beach

Beach across the road: Bruce’s Cafe in Wynyard

Dining in Tasmania with Children… or Not

If you have little kids, Bruce’s Cafe in Wynyard will be a winner with you. They serve quality food for the grown-ups, and cater for junior taste-buds. They also have a fabulous playground right outside their back door. We saw many kids absolutely running wild with excitement, as parents relaxed in peace alongside.

Our teenagers also thought the place was pretty damn good. We’ve mentioned a dairy intolerance before, which can sometimes be quite the chore for the cafe owner to comprehend. But the gorgeous staff at Bruce’s stepped up to the plate, helping solve the ordering dilemma. They even remembered our special requirements, and pre-empted our questions upon our arrival each time. And they have free WiFi. What more could a teenager want?

Cafe in Wynyard - Playground

Bruce’s Cafe in Wynyard

So… Bruce’s Cafe in Wynyard. A well-known local haunt for families, and good for travellers too. If anyone cares what we think, we give them two thumbs up. The staff were happy for us to take photos to share with all our readers (it’s nice to ask permission, for any impromptu visits). You can also see local artworks lining the walls. A series of hand-painted aprons made lovely decorations during our visit, but the exhibition is apparently changed fairly often.

Cafe in Wynyard - Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate: food and drink in Tasmania

Both the hot chocolate and the iced chocolate were GOOD. For more information about Bruce’s Cafe in Wynyard, phone (03) 6442 4113. You can also follow Bruce’s Cafe on Facebook.

Map: Bruce’s Cafe in Wynyard, Tasmania…

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