Here’s a snippet of trivia for you: renowned artist Stephen Walker created many of his bronze sculptures in Campania. We did not know that until just recently, when we stopped for a comfort break in the small Heritage Highway township and spotted “The School” statue.

Campania - Statues

School children: bronze statue by Stephen Walker

Campania: Bicentennial Mill Park

Titled “To School” the charming sculpture was presented to the Campania community by local residents, the Walker family and timed to commemorate the Australian bicentenary (1788-1988). Further sculptures are located nearby; all are located in Mill Park and Reserve, also home to an historic flour mill (circa 1884).

Campania - Sculptures

Sculptor Stephen Walker: Campania, circa 1972

Bicentennial Mill Park is located at 53 Reeve Street, Campania adjacent to the main road between Richmond and Colebrook. There are public toilets, a picnic shelter, exercise equipment, a bike track and children’s playground as well as the steam flour mill building. It’s obviously a convenient place to park a motorhome; we observed several travellers breaking the drive to enjoy the space.

Campania - Stephen Walker School Sculpture

“To School” sculpture: Australian Bicentenary

Campania is part of Tasmania’s Coal River Valley, an important wine-producing region of the state. The rich and diverse farms of the Campania district are also home to various orchards. Together with a further investigation of other historic buildings in the town, all these attractions have us keen to make a return visit… for a more in-depth experience next time!

Campania - Mill Park

Mill Park and Reserve, Campania

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