Staying at a caravan park at Richmond, the Port Arthur Caravan Park and several others around the state, Rod and Kim Prestedge recently gave us their opinions about a Tasmanian campervan holiday. Together with their travelling group, they were all totally impressed with their entire Tassie trip. As was Wayne Cartwright, who also shared with us details of his Tassie holiday with wife Julie.

Caravan Park - Campervan Holiday

Campervans at Mount Field National Park (photo by Rod Prestedge)

Now we have more good news to share from another dedicated reader: Lynne Smith from Yorke Peninsula in South Australia. Lynne has written this lovely article about her caravan park holiday, and we must say we’re a bit chuffed to hear Think Tasmania was helpful in the planning stages. How fabulous! So for anyone else looking to visit either a caravan park or a national park in Tasmania, we give you Lynne’s thoughts on the matter.

Caravan Park - Lynne Smith

Leigh and Lynne Smith (photo supplied)

Caravan Park and National Park, Tasmania

We arrived in Launceston for the first time, and picked up a mobile home. We stayed two nights at Beauty Point, and enjoyed the caravan park and the surrounds. We visited Seahorse World, and Platypus House; both very informative, interesting, and hands on. We took advantage of the three-ticket deal and went to Beaconsfield as well. A delightful town, and interesting features at the Beaconsfield Mine site.

From there we moved across the top of Tasmania from Devonport to Ulverstone, Burnie, Wynyard, and on to Stanley. What delightful towns. We loved Stanley the best. We spent a night at Smithton, and then moved onto Cradle Mountain National Park staying at Gowrie Caravan Park, a delightful picturesque park with wallabies very close around the facilities.

Caravan Park - Visit Stanley in Tasmania

Church Street: Stanley, Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

Think Tasmania: Caravan Park Holiday

That entire part of our trip had been planned by using the information from Think Tasmania. We visited a mine site in the park, and then onto Waratah to see the waterfall, and through Queenstown to St Clair National Park site. We just had a wonderful Tasmanian holiday.

Caravan Park - Visit Waratah in Tasmania

Waratah Tasmania waterfall (photo by Carol Haberle)

We swapped the caravan for a car in Hobart, and caught up with the Sydney to Hobart yachts as they came in. We also spent some time at the Taste of Tasmania Festival. We flew out of Hobart after visiting with family. It was such a stress free holiday.

Caravan Park - Visit Hobart in Tasmania

Taste Festival: Sydney to Hobart finish line

Thanks for all the tips and places to see. Keep up the good work. What a beautiful state. Now we too can be ambassadors for Tasmania.

Many thanks to Lynne for sharing her thoughts and her kind words. If you’d like to be a guest author for Think Tasmania, having stayed in a caravan park or otherwise, we’d love to hear about it. You can contact us any time you like.

Map: Caravan Park Holiday, Tasmania

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