We published a guest article written by former Tasmanians Kim and Rod Prestedge, who are now regular interstate tourists. They even act as tour guides and encourage their friends to come along!  The article was a piece about their campervan trip, and they declared one of the caravan parks they chose to share with their friends to be the “best in Tasmania”. We asked our readers if they would agree with Kim and Rod’s assessment for the next of our Best in Tassie Challenges.

Caravan Parks - Queen Victoria Museum, Tasmanian Connections

Best in Tassie Challenge: Caravan Parks

Caravan Parks: Best in Tassie Challenge

In the eyes of Kim and Rod Prestedge, the Port Arthur Caravan Park on the Tasman Peninsula rates as the best in Tasmania.

Caravan Parks - Tasman Peninsula

Remarkable Cave Bay, Tasman Peninsula (photo by Dan Fellow)

Kim and Rod were kind enough to elaborate during the conversation on Facebook…

I guess we should give you guys a few reasons why we thought this was the best of the caravan parks we stayed in.

  • The management was great and more than helpful
  • The location was great
  • There was Tasmanian wildlife everywhere (wallabies, bandicoots, rosellas that came and ate out of your hand, and landed on your head, arms, hands and table and bench inside your camper if you didn’t close the door!
  • There was a walking track down to Stewarts Bay and if you continued on, it took you around to the Port Arthur Convict Settlement site
  • The facilities at the accommodation could only be described as fantastic: the toilets, showers, etc were spotlessly clean
  • Gardens and public places were also very well kept
  • Camp kitchen and outside barbecues were again kept spotless
  • The on-site shop had all the basics including fuel and firewood
  • It was great that you could have a camp fire also

Of all the caravan parks, this one ticked the most boxes. It was a great experience.

Following that fantastic wrap-up and the extra information from Kim and Rod, we want to hire a camper just so we can go to the Tasman Peninsula again! Thanks so much to them for their contribution.

Top Rating Caravan Parks in Tasmania

Cath and Jack Simmons were one couple travelling with Kim and Rod. They added their stamp of approval too…

The great things about Port Arthur Caravan Park included the very private sites with natural bush land all around. The facilities did not lack anything and were spotlessly clean. There were spectacular views from the park perimeters, with walking access to pristine bays leading on to the Port Arthur Convict Settlement. It was a great introduction to a wonderful state. And of course, we had great company too!

Marg Wilmott also stayed in Port Arthur at the same time as Kim and Rod Prestedge. She said of her experience “they made our stay very memorable along with the rest of their travelling companions. We had a wonderful time during our stay thanks to the Port Arthur Caravan Park. Triple AAA+++”. Another resounding endorsement. And Sandra Woods chimed in to recommend the Port Arthur Caravan Park as “awesome” with spotless amenities. Sandra also thought Kelso Sands would rate as one of the better caravan parks in Tasmania. That one is located in the Tamar Valley region, and she advised our readers to go and visit the wombats.

Caravan Parks - Tasmanian Wombats

Wombat: caravan parks in Tasmania (photo by Carol Haberle)

Scott Dufty, the Business Initiatives Co-Ordinator at the Huon Valley Business Enterprise Centre shared his thoughts. “We’re fortunate now down south to have a great new accommodation property, the Huon Valley Caravan Park. This means visitors can travel down to the Huon Valley and not have to return to Hobart that night, as we now have such a fantastic place for people to stay and base themselves in order to enjoy all the wonderful Huon Valley experiences on the Huon Trail.”

Sarah Lockyer, Tourism Operations Manager at Forestry Tasmania (Adventure Forests) has also suggested Think Tasmania should visit the Huon Valley Caravan Park. She recommended the accommodation business for people wanting to visit local tourist attractions including the very popular Tahune AirWalk, via Geeveston.

We noticed several campers parked by the river in Franklin during our recent day-trip to Port Huon. We’d certainly agree there’s lots to explore in the region south of Hobart, and a place for campers could only be considered an asset to the area.

Caravan Parks - Franklin Tasmania

Huon River, Franklin

Leigh & Lynne Smith used stories published by Think Tasmania to help plan their holiday, staying in caravan parks around the state. They described their journey as completely “stress-free” and also shared their own experience and itinerary with our readers in a guest article.

Caravan Parks - Stanley Tasmania

Stanley (photo by Dan Fellow)

Caravan Parks: 6pm Forum O’clock Question

Molly also asked a 6pm (forum o’clock) question back on April 12, relevant to this Best in Tassie Challenge for caravan parks. She asked:  where’s a good place to camp in Tasmania for a family with three children (aged between 8 and 13) during the school holidays? The forum question actually generated as much feedback as the original one posed by Think Tasmania, but we’re happy either way. Here’s what readers had to say in response to Molly’s querie…

Tammy ~ Greens Beach and Bridport are both family friendly

Tara ~ Greens Beach. We camp there every year kids and the love it. Beautiful beach; park up the road, shop and safe and also pet friendly > that’s actually another Best in Tassie Challenge coming up, if you’d like to get on board that one.

Donna ~ Bridport

Heath, who incidentally shared a photo of Turners Beach in our sunset collection, suggested Narawntapu National Park.

Fran ~ Bridport

Lisa ~ Macquarie Heads, Strahan is a great place for families. Lots of nice sheltered spots. Costs $6 per night, per family. The beach inside the harbour is a one minute walk away, where you can fish, or walk up the beach. And despite what most people say it’s not always terrible weather on the west coast.

Sasha ~ Bruny Island

George and Sharon from Sweet-As Candy thought Mayfield Beach on the east coast. The toilet facilities and beach are awesome and there’s the added bonus of other kids around for them to hang out with.

Kelsie ~ Port Arthur Caravan Park. It feels like you’re out in the bush, but with the comforts of home. Great for kids!

Allison provided a link to a great resource, a community page on Facebook called Camping Sites Around Tasmania

Debbie ~ The Neck and Jetty Beach, Bruny Island; Cosy Corner (Bay of Fires), Dora Point..  Anywhere really!

Natasha ~ Rivers Edge Wilderness Camping Ground, Lonnavale… river, wood and of course ice.

Melissa ~ We enjoy camping at Snug, Port Arthur and Lake Echo

Amanda ~ Mount Field National Park

Caravan Parks - Tasmanian Camping Holiday

Campervans: Mount Field, Tasmania (photo by Rod Prestedge)

Vera ~ Adventure Bay, Bruny island

Kathy advised campers to book early as Tasmania has the same holidays as mainlanders now. She suggested checking the Information Centres, and went on to say Bridport was a nice spot, or maybe Tomahawk or Low Head Tourist Park in north east Tasmania.

Annette ~ St. Helens

Lori ~ Narawantapu National Park between Devonport and Launceston, and then you can go to Hollybank Adventure Forests outside of Launceston.

Wanasai thought it would all depend on what the family like to do once they’ve set up camp. Which is a very good point to make.

Wendy ~ King William National Park

Kellie ~ Friendly Beaches

Kim ~ anywhere, really. All suggestions are good. I love Swansea and Bruny Island.

As always, such a lot of great and helpful suggestion from Think Tasmania readers, and we thank everyone for their contributions. Molly and the kids followed all the suggestions, and spent time investigating further. If we ever hear back from the family, we’ll be sure to let you know where they went.

There’s just so many great options for camping and caravan parks in Tassie. At times like these, we seriously want to buy a motorhome and get on the road again too!

The views here are those voiced by Think Tasmania readers. Our discussions are open to anyone with relevant and reasonable opinions. The submission of topic ideas for future Best in Tassie Challenges from any interested parties will also be considered.