Susie Kiddie is the Communications and Development Manager for Carers Tasmania. We crossed paths when Susie enquired about sponsorship opportunities at Think Tasmania. Following a little research of the organisation, we had a brilliant idea; one we wished we’d had sooner. A section we’ve dubbed “We Support” (for want of a more inspired title) has been introduced to our website, newsletter and social media.

Carers Tasmania - We Support

Carers Tasmania: Quality of Life

We’re pleased that Carers Tasmania can be the first organisation to accept a promotional package from Think Tasmania, as opposed to just an individual article (as has been our practice in the past). There are many worthwhile candidates, we’re well aware of that (and future nominees should contact Think Tasmania privately). Rest assured, more causes will be featured over the journey. But for us, the chance to share information about Carers Tasmania is very pleasing on a personal level.

Someone we love and admire is a dedicated carer, and has been for much of their adult life. They have sacrificed a great deal, without a moment’s hesitation or a single thought of personal reward. Maybe you’ve met someone in a similar situation? It’s comforting to know there’s a support system for such a wonderful group of people. And now, before we get too emotional, here’s a few things you should know about Carers Tasmania.

Carers Tasmania - Brochure

Carers Tasmania (brochure supplied)

Carers Tasmania - Brochure

Carers Tasmania (brochure supplied)

You can download this brochure from Carers Tasmania if you need larger print.

The Mission and Services Provided

The mission of Carers Tasmania is to enhance the health and well-being of carers and promote their rights and needs. Carers can be family and friends devoted to the daily needs of someone with a disability, a mental illness, a chronic condition, a terminal illness or those who are frail and aged. Working closely with government and other support organisations, they support caring families throughout Tasmania. 69,500 Tasmanians are known to provide assistance to someone in need of their help. Throughout all of Australia, the unpaid work done by caring families saves the country $40 billion per year.

The key service areas of Carers Tasmania are listed on their website…

  • Advice, information and referral
  • Emotional support and counselling
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Research, policy and systemic change

Follow Carers Tasmania and Get Involved

The organisation has a clear and concise website with much detailed information for the community. You can also follow Carers Tasmania on Facebook, where they post details of events and relevant news. As a non-government, not for profit organisation, Carers Tasmania require assistance from the general public. They strive to support and improve the quality of life for carers, who may themselves suffer poor health, financial hardship and social isolation. There are many ways to get involved with Carers Tasmania.

Even the smallest of contributions is worthwhile, as this lovely message we received from Carers Tasmania would suggest…

Our heartfelt thanks to Think Tasmania for helping us spread the word to the Tasmanian community about our organisation. Carers Tasmania is the only organisation completely dedicated to supporting the needs and representing the views of carers throughout Tasmania.