Last month, we boasted shamelessly about the great team of regular contributors we have here at Think Tasmania. Do you remember? We thank our lucky stars every day for having such an awesome bunch of like-minded people around us. They all have a passion for the website’s concept, and make it their mission to research and write about people and places in this beautiful state.

Carol Haberle - Autumn Image

Bell’s Parade, Latrobe (inset: Lombardy Poplars, Latrobe)

That said, we’d like to mention another wonderful person; a writer and photographer, that fits perfectly into that category. And that person would be Carol Haberle. If you’ve been following our journey recently, you’ve probably already noticed the stories she’s had published. If not, you are truly missing something spectacular. She has a genuine passion for bushwalking, the great outdoors and the wilderness regions of Tasmania. Oh, and she’s pretty handy with a camera, to make the understatement of the day!

Think Tasmania Articles by Carol Haberle

A search will reveal many, many Think Tasmania articles featuring photography by Carol Haberle. Most articles have been written by Carol herself; some showcase individual photos by Carol, with words by other authors. Click the link for the most recent articles by Carol Haberle. If you’re looking for a specific topic, please use the search function (top right-hand corner of the website).

Carol Haberle was introduced to all of us when Michelle Kneipp Pegler wrote about Haberle Photo Cards back in December. That may well have been the start and end of the acquaintance, as is sometimes the case with the articles published by Think Tasmania. But fortunately for us, Carol is the sort of loyal person who likes to give back to her supporters and the state she loves so much.

Kevin and Carol Haberle: Great Tasmanian Team

After reading that “Great Team” article, Carol contacted Think Tasmania and offered to hang banners on the fence of her property, on a busy road between Burnie and the west coast. With our blessing, she put Kevin (her very obliging and capable husband) to work on the job.

Carol Haberle - Kevin & Think Tasmania Banner

Think Tasmania banner: north west coast

Carol Haberle - Mud Brick Manor

Mud Brick Manor: Kevin and Carol Haberle

Not to be outdone, Kevin then suggested they take both family cars to the sign writer, and have “Think Tasmania” added to the back windows, for the whole world to see (or at least the motoring public in north west Tasmania). That rendered me speechless. Well, momentarily at least. What a generous offer, and how encouraging to think that such passionate locals would adopt us and show such enthusiasm for our project.

Carol Haberle - Think Tasmania

Carol Haberle: show us a sign!

Carol Haberle - Kevin Drives for Think Tasmania

Portable promotional vehicle: Think Tasmania

More Articles from Carol Haberle

So now you know about the work Carol is doing to promote Tasmania, join us each Friday as we publish her latest article. And if you notice either Kevin or Carol Haberle in the great outdoors, collecting more material for the website, feel free to give them a big hug on our behalf.

Carol Haberle - Tarkine Photo

Trowutta Arch ~ image by Carol Haberle

If you don’t feel comfortable with a hug, how about you share their work and tell them occasionally what a great job they’re doing? Comments and messages of appreciation can be left on each and every article and are bound to inspire more great things from everyone.

All photos strictly ©Carol Haberle, H&H Photography. You can follow Carol on Facebook at Haberle Photo Cards

21 March 2014 – With great sadness, we advise her fans that Carol lost her brave battle with leukaemia today. She will be missed by everyone. Love and Hugs, Sweetie.

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