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It’s that time again, so quickly does it come around.

Carol was one of those people who loved all kinds of weather experiences and walking in the rain was one of them. Carol never waited for the sun to shine to get out of the house with her camera in hand looking for that special photo opportunity. The photo of Carol with arms outstretched and face to the sky as the snow tumbled down shows pure joy on her face.

Carol's Photo - Snow in Tasmania

Carol embracing the Tasmanian weather

Cradle Mountain National Park: Carol’s Photo

One area that Carol really loved was Cradle Mountain National Park, which she simply called ‘Cradle’. Carol’s photo for this month depicts Cradle Mountain on a bleak overcast autumn day in 2012. I hope you like it.

Carol's Photo - Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain National Park (photo by Carol Haberle)

Map: Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasmania…

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