How’s the serenity? That’s how Dale Kerrigan described his ideal family holiday destination in the 1997 movie “The Castle”. Well Dale, Think Tasmania has found another lovely place for a family to sit back and embrace the serenity: the Cascade Gardens.

Cascade Gardens - Hobart Rivulet

Hobart Rivulet: Cascade Gardens

Spring Has Sprung: Cascade Gardens

by Jen Holdsworth

At the foothills of Mount Wellington is the very well known, iconic Tasmanian Cascade Brewery. But did you also know of the beautiful Cascade Gardens, with BBQ facilities, a lovely playground, a running creek and sweeping lush lawns set in a woodland setting? All this, and less than 5kms from Hobart.

Cascade Gardens - Playground

Playground equipment: Hobart City Council

The Cascade Gardens are full of history, dating back to 1827. When the Cascades Female Factory was established, the gardens were planted to halt development around the site. The Tasmanian Government Heritage Council website details the history of the Cascade Gardens and the connection with the Hobart Rivulet.

Cascade Gardens - Stunning Mature Trees

Lush lawns and shady trees: Cascade Gardens

Families, Groups, Couples and Individuals

These days, you will find the perfect setting to gather as a family, a party group or a couple. The Cascade Gardens are also the perfect place to visit alone and reflect on the stunning English setting, with the natural beauty of Mt Wellington as a backdrop. The gardens are full of rhododendrons, maples and azaleas, as well as rare and unusual plants. There are large well established conifers and English trees providing large shaded areas to lay down your picnic rug.

Here, the Hobart Rivulet provides a stunning creek. The sounds of the crisp, fresh running water is very calming and combined with the birds singing and the fresh clean air, it’s like being in a health sanctuary. The Hobart City Council maintain the Cascade Gardens and provide gas barbeques along with plenty of tables and seating. With large, well maintained grassed areas, it’s the place for games, rolly-pollies, and hide and seek between the great trees. The playground is also well maintained, as are the pathways, which are all sealed and perfect for bikes, prams and wheelchairs. The public convenience area is very clean and easily accessed.

Cascade Gardens - Walking Tracks

Sealed walking tracks: Cascade Gardens

McRobies Road and Cascade Brewery

Cascade Gardens has two entrances. At the entrance from McRobies Road you will find great car parking areas, the toilets and the playground area. The other entrance is from the Cascade Brewery car park, and here you will find a lovely path that weaves down through beautiful gardens into the woodland area to the BBQ facilities. One pathway runs through the park along the rivulet: another pathway leads to the top section. Here, you’ll find a beautiful suntrap area; a great place to sit and admire the gardens.

Cascade Gardens - Entrance

Entrance to Cascade Gardens via McRobies Road

Cascade Gardens - BBQ

Pack a picnic: Cascade Gardens

Why not take the family for a picnic, explore the gorgeous Cascade Gardens and just enjoy the setting? You could also tackle the Cascade Walking Track or Brewery tour.

Cascade Gardens - Cascade Brewery

The namesake: Cascade Gardens, Hobart Tasmania

Or maybe you’d prefer to join an award-winning Tasmanian experience. Known as Louisa’s Walks, it’s a unique strolling theatre depicting the convict drama of South Hobart and focused around the world heritage listed Cascade Female Factory. This live theatre will take you into the heart of an Irish convict woman’s story. Louisa Ragan was arrested and sent to Tasmania for stealing a loaf of bread. After all this exploring you could then end the day with a good coffee at the Rivulet Café.

Cascade Gardens - Lawns

Lawns, trees, walkways: Cascade Gardens

Place for All Seasons

My family would recommend the Cascade Gardens. We’ve been there many times, in all seasons. To see the stunning display of rhododendrons, now is the time to visit… plus you could meet the resident ducks with their new family, or maybe even spot a platypus in the Rivulet.

Cascade Gardens - Flowers

Cascade Gardens at any time of year

Cascade Gardens - Resident Ducks

Family of ducks: Cascade Gardens

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