We’ve published a few articles lately written by Cassandra. She originally made contact with Think Tasmania attaching a short piece she’d written about the Organic Consumer Choice Awards in Tasmania. She was keen to promote the business owners she’d written about. She also explained she was studying journalism and was looking to have her work published.

Cassandra Wunsch - Writing for Think Tasmania

Cassandra Wunsch: Think Tasmania (photo supplied)

Say Hello to Cassandra Wunsch

Now as a rule, we don’t encourage people to submit unsolicited material. Let’s just make that perfectly clear! But it was obvious that Cassandra was genuine and we instantly loved her style and her sense of humour. She’s dedicated to her writing career and has undertaken to enhance her photography skills. In a short space of time, she has proven to be a very fast learner in that department.

So we’re happy to say Cassandra is now officially part of the Think Tasmania team. She’s signed on for several assignments, including an interview with the owners of Fudge A’Fare. She’ll be attending the Estia Greek Street Festival in North Hobart and taking a dusk-to-dark photography tour with Shutterbug Walkabouts. Being so enthusiastic, she’s also researching some of her own story ideas… a new cake store in South Hobart and Harmony Day in New Norfolk. Wonderful.

Here’s a little introductory information, written by the woman herself. Please make her feel welcome.

Who is Cassandra Wunsch?

I was born in New South Wales and raised by a single parent, postman father who knew a lot more about motorcycles and martial arts than the raising of daughters. As a result I still don’t understand most of the things women do to their faces/bodies; my cooking/cleaning skills are limited and gentility non-existent! Dad had been mad about Tassie since I was a kid, but let’s face it, like the average fourteen year old offered a ‘country life’ I told him there was no way, and so his Tassie sea-change was put on hold.

Cassandra Wunsch - Making Her Mark in Journalism

Cassandra: making her mark (photo supplied)

The year I turned 19, I finally gave in and agreed to move, sight-unseen, to another landmass where for all I knew the people really did have two heads and the foliage was blue. Due to selling the house and all the grown-up stuff that comes with shifting, I made the flight to Hobart from Sydney by myself. What a turn it gave me! My experience with airports was all major internationals. Sydney, LAX and San Francisco… where was the city? It was fifteen minutes on the air-porter before I saw Hobart for the first time. It was the beginning of July and Mount Wellington was dusted with snow, looming above the city like a stooped old man. I couldn’t take my eyes off it, and for the first time since I’d made the decision, I knew it was the right one.

In fairness, I did spend the next six-odd months convinced I was never going to be warm again and that my toes were going to abandon me for a better boss. Someone who hadn’t moved to the Arctic.

My first year here was spent in St John Fisher residential college with 96 other young people who probably shouldn’t have been left unsupervised. We all went a little crazy, but if there is any place I’ve ever been where it’s safe to go a little nuts, this is it! I walked through town in the middle of the night to get back to the college, all by myself, and never once felt in any way unsafe.

Finally I met my husband, Florian. I picked him up at a pub in Salamanca called Irish Murphy’s at about 12:30am;, a 6’2″ bilingual German nerd. I have specific tastes! Our first daughter Taliesin Norma Siglinde Wunsch was born in 2008 in the Royal Hobart Hospital weighing 4.625kgs. We’re expecting our second child in October of this year. I work casually for the Salvation Army in the various stores in the greater Hobart area, which I think is safely the best job I’ve ever had… with the exception of writing for Think Tasmania of course!

Cassandra Wunsch - Husband Florian

Florian and Cassandra Wunsch (photo supplied)

The most beautiful things in my life, I owe to moving here. If summer could just behave itself a little better, I’d say this was as close to perfect as any place in the world.

Cassandra Wunsch - Florian and Taliesin

Florian and Taliesin (photo supplied)

Cassandra Wunsch is a third-year journalism student at Open Universities Australia. She lives in Hobart with her husband Florian and daughter Taliesin, and would like to continue to write full-time when she graduates. Her personal blog is www.10percentinspired.com