Here’s the next article in our current series of Best in Tassie Challenges. It revolves around yet another thing done very well in Tasmania… Caves.

Caves - Tasmania

Best in Tassie Challenge: caves (photo by Dan Fellow)

Caves: The Best in Tasmania

As these Best in Tassie Challenges are based around the feedback we receive from our readers, let’s launch into the responses without further ado. You are free to add your own relevant, insightful, interesting and helpful comments if you wish.

Roger Findlay ~ The best are the ones we don’t see. The ones that aren’t open to the public. Join a trog club I say.

I wasn’t sure what the term “trog” referred to. Upon investigation, Trog! was described as a Nintendo arcade game, which didn’t really seem relevant. Further investigation revealed trog as British slang for an aimless walk or stroll, blending the terms trudge and slog. That makes more sense! Roger must be suggesting we explore the great Tasmanian outdoors and do a little bush-walking. Not a bad idea at all. We thought Roger Findlay may been inclined to nominate Mole Creek Caves, because he wrote a really good review about them for Think Tasmania.

Caves - Marakoopa

Marakoopa Caves, Mole Creek (photo by Dan Fellow)

Lisa ~ Hastings Caves are really beautiful, the tour was great.

This reader was kind enough to link to an album of photos taken at Hastings Caves for us to view. Many thanks to Lisa Preston Photography for that.

Leah ~ Hastings Caves

We totally agree with Leah. Hastings Caves and Thermal Springs is a memorable experience in the deep south of the state. It’s one we’ve reviewed for Think Tasmania during a day trip from Hobart to the Huon Valley.

Caves - Newdegate, Hastings Caves & Thermal Springs

Hastings Caves and Thermal Springs

Gunns Plains Caves: Winner in the Polls

The remainder of our comments revolve around Gunns Plains Caves in north west Tasmania. Clearly, many Think Tasmania readers have had a great experience there. We are also aware that Geoff Deer (the owner-operator at Gunns Plains Caves) is a dedicated follower of our page, and is very pro-active in rounding up support on Facebook. It’s just the kind of “help us to help you” attitude we love. Geoff not only nominated his own caves, he also shared a great deal of information…

Geoff Deer ~ I can say without fear of contradiction that the Gunns Plains Caves have more variety than any other tourist cave that I have been in. The size of the formations, the coulor palette used by nature to enhance the cave design and the creek running through constantly with its myriad of creatures all help to boost the range of sights to see. Then there are the GlowWorms. So far this year I have had over 20 sightings of Giant Freshwater Lobster and several sightings of Platypus in the creek. All caves are different and I love them but Gunns Plains Caves just has that bit extra that puts it up there. All this and the entrance fee is really good value for money for all visitors, especially for families with a few kids.

Cathie ~ Gunns Plains Caves

Tiana ~ Loved Gunns Plains Caves. Geoff the guide was brilliant! It takes a real skill to keep kids of all ages and adults equally entertained whilst teaching us so much about the caves and surrounds. Totally recommend it as a family outing!

Kerry ~ They’re all awesome, but I have a soft spot for Gunns Plains Caves.

Uncover Tasmania Guided Tours ~ Gunns Plains Caves.

Michelle Kneipp Pegler ~ Gunns Plains Caves are the best.

No surprises there from Michelle! She has been to visit Gunns Plains Caves, which is close to her own Leven River Farm. She wrote a lovely report for Think Tasmania about her first-hand experience.

Caves - Gunns Plains

Gunns Plains Caves (photo by Michelle Kneipp Pegler)

Paula ~ Gunns Plains Caves by far is the BEST in Tassie, it has all-round appeal, from all the formations to the awesome staff. Love it, it’s our favourite.

Pearl ~ Gunns Plains Caves. Breath taking caves and that famous Tassie hospitality from our hosts and guides – a definite highlight to any trip.

Helen ~ Gunns Plains Caves

Michelle ~ So many Gunns Plains devotees; we’re passionate about our caves.

John ~ Gunns Plains Caves for sure.

Nicely done, and congratulations to all the tourism attractions involving caves in Tasmania. I’m sure all the operators are pleased to receive such positive feedback. As are we, with comments like this one…

Rick ~ these little shout outs are gems. Love the ideas of where to go when I’m on my Tassie holidays.

Caves - Marakoopa, Mole Creek

Best caves in Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

One thing we know for sure about caves in Tasmania. They are so much more impressive to visit in person than to see in photos (although Dan Fellow does a mighty fine job with his efforts!). With knowledgeable guides and the underground atmosphere, it’s one thing you should definitely add to your holiday itinerary.

Stay tuned for more in the Best in Tassie Challenges coming your way soon. Next week, we’ll take a peek at the feedback about National Parks in Tasmania. If you have anything to add to that Facebook conversation, now is the time.

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