The family golf course at Cerise Brook Orchard is a 9-hole, par-3, chip and putt challenge near St Helens on the east coast of Tasmania. It’s for those wanting more than mini golf, but less than a full-on Barnbougle-style experience. And it’s great fun!

Cerise Brook - Golf Course

Cerise Brook Orchard and Family Golf Course

Cerise Brook: Cherries, Cake and Golf

The golf course at Cerise Brook wraps around a working orchard producing cherries, peaches, nectarines and plums. The fruits are sold onsite during the summer months, and we’d love to return next season to sample the produce.

We asked why there was a golf course instead of more fruit trees. Apparently the original owner just liked to play golf. He started with three holes and built the remainder of the course from there. The current owner was not inclined to plant more trees, because he already had enough work to do. We get that.

Cerise Brook - Cherry Orchard

Cherry orchard: St Helens, Tasmania

When we collected our equipment and score card from the clubhouse, we were told to just leave any shanked golf balls in the orchard and they’d be collected later. We obviously looked a bit hopeless. And guess where our very first shot went? Yep, you guessed it. Straight. Into. The Orchard. No doubt there’s plenty of work to do just fetching all the stray balls, let alone tending the cherry trees.

Cerise Brook - Orchard, Tasmania

Cherries: east coast of Tasmania via St Helens

Apparently most potential golfers visit Cerise Brook when the weather’s too nasty for the beach or fishing or bushwalking. If we’d waited for a crappy day though, we’d never have gone. It was sunshine all the way during our week in St Helens, and it proved beautifully sunny on the course too.

Not Mini Golf: Par 3 Course

Playing golf was a reasonably foreign concept for us. As we faced up (is that a technically-correct term?) a kind gentleman from another group came over immediately and gave us instructions about how to play. We obviously looked really hopeless. And some of us did need those instructions!

Gavin could actually be quite a good golfer if he had the time to play. It’s in his genes. Having said that, I’m pretty sure I too could be a good golfer if I had the time to play. And lots of lessons. And a place to practice that was completely out of sight. And if I could just get some hand-eye co-ordination from somewhere, I would be completely unstoppable.

Cerise Brook Orchard is at 315 Medeas Cove Road. There’s a signposted turnoff from the Tasman Highway, immediately south of the bridge between Georges Bay and Medeas Cove. When we were heading out of St Helens and into fairly rural territory, we did start to wonder if we were going the right way. But we persisted along the gravel road, and eventually arrived at the golf course.

Cerise Brook - St Helens

No 1 fairway and clubhouse

Just Rewards for Golfers

The funky little clubhouse is set in picturesque surrounds, and serves up cool drinks, coffees and snacks. Golfers are also offered BYO barbecue facilities for a well-earned lunch. We thought that a great idea for an extended competition, with 9 holes before and 9 holes after some tucker. All in all, Cerise Brook gets our stamp of approval. Does it get yours too?

Cerise Brook - Orchard and Family Golf Course

Cerise Brook clubhous: coffee and cake

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