Though it is now winter, I can still taste the sweet, concentrated deliciousness of those round, sunshine-filled globules of fruit we call cherries, and where better to sample these than at The Cherry Shed in Latrobe.

Think Tasmania - Cherry Shed Pancakes & Icecream

The Cherry Shed, Latrobe Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

The Cherry Shed: Latrobe Tasmania

by Lorraine McNeair

The wonderful thing is that there is no need to forgo the taste of cherries in the off-season. The concentrated taste of cherries is still available, all year round, when you visit The Cherry Shed in the town of Latrobe, Tasmania.  Think…

  • scones
  • cherry jam and cream
  • ice-cream
  • wines and liqueurs
  • preserves
  • port
  • savoury and sweet pies
  • pancakes and much more
Cherry Shed - Sweet Cherries in Pies

Sweet cherry pie (photo by Dan Fellow)

Cherry Shed - Preserves Made from Cherries

Cherry preserves, sauces and jams (photo by Dan Fellow)

The Cherry Shed is open seven days a week, all year round from 9.30am to 5.00pm. Start off with a big breakfast, drop in for morning or afternoon tea, or sample the lunch menu with friends, family, business associates or even on your own!

Latrobe: For the Love of Cherries

We consider ourselves very lucky because we live in Latrobe, and have sampled many a fine meal, snack and pleasant interlude at The Cherry Shed, and the friendly warmth of the staff is an added incentive to visit. Maybe there is someone out there who doesn’t love cherries (?) but your needs are capably taken care of as well.

Cherry Shed - Ports and Liqueurs from Cherries

Ports and liqueurs: Cherry Shed (photo by Dan Fellow)

Cherry Orchard to the Cherry Shed

The cherry products available from The Cherry Shed are all made on site from their own fruit, and from their own orchard. A point of interest in the restaurant are the columns which have been paved with cherry stones, and the tables with cherry motifs. Oh, and watch out for a large cherry moving around the property with skinny legs!

Function Rooms and Parties: North Tasmania

The Cherry Shed is available for functions, parties, conferences and there are private meeting rooms available upstairs. You will find The Cherry Shed only ten minutes from Devonport, on the corner of the Bass Highway and Gilbert Street, Latrobe.

Cherry Shed - Bass Highway, Latrobe

The Cherry Shed: Latrobe Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

Cherry Shed - Functions and Conferences

Cherry Shed: Latrobe Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

Lorraine McNeair is a volunteer with the Latrobe Information Centre. She is a writer, photographer, poet and artist, and is passionate about sharing all the interesting things she knows about Tasmania.

You know how we love the spirit of networking between Tasmanian business owners, don’t you? That’s why we love this sign outside the Cherry Shed. Foodies are directed to visit Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm and Ashgrove Cheese while in the area, and we do believe Lorraine will be sharing information about both those places in the near future. Anvers Chocolate is also nearby, just to round out the tasting trail.

Cherry Shed - Cherries, Cheese, Chocolate & Raspberries

Cherries, cheese, raspberries and chocolate (photo by Dan Fellow)

For more information about the Cherry Shed, visit their website. You can also follow the Cherry Shed on Facebook.

Map: The Cherry Shed, Latrobe Tasmania

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