Thanks for the great response to our article about Asian food. It seems to have hit the spot with readers. Hopefully you all enjoy your meals from the restaurants we’ve featured as much as we did. Following on from that theme, we were asked to name a good place for a chicken schnitzel in Hobart. Yes, true!

Chicken Schnitzel - Chips & Salad

Chicken schnitzel: peppercorn sauce

Hobart Selection: Chicken Schnitzel

So it turns out you don’t care that much that we’re not professional food critics, and you’re happy to trust our judgement. Ok. In that case, how about we share a couple of suggestions for truly decent chicken schnitzel meals in Hobart?

We should be packing more boxes ready for the big move, but hey… what the heck. We’d rather be doing this, than that. Just quickly though. We can’t escape the inevitable for too long!

Chicken Schnitzel - Parmigiana

Chicken parmigiana: chips and salad

Here at Think Tasmania, we only ever showcase the places we’ve actually been to. For this article, we chose two recent dining experiences because menu quality can sometimes change. As pictured, we selected a chicken schnitzel with chips, salad and a peppercorn sauce. I always order the sauce on the side, because I’m weird like that. I don’t like soggy crumbs or the protein drowning on my plate. We also had a chicken parmigiana. The chips were thin and crispy and the salad was fresh and perfectly dressed. These very tasty samples were from the Customs House Hotel, 1 Murray Street Hobart.

We’ll sneak in pictures of dessert as well, just because we can! Both chocolate treats were really yummy. How’s that for technically-sound gastronomy terminology? The coffee was also very, very good – we’ll be going back just for another caffeine hit. The service was spot-on too, for those interested in the big picture. To give you an idea of cost, either chicken schnitzel option (with sauce) will set you back $25-50.

Chicken Schnitzel - Brownie

Chocolate brownie: raspberry coulis

Chicken Schnitzel - Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate mousse cake: raspberry coulis

Customs House Hotel and The Brunswick Hotel

For our second suggestion, try The Brunswick Hotel, 67 Liverpool Street Hobart. Amazing. We’ll mention the fat chips first, because they were extraordinarily good. A meal all on their own. Each chicken schnitzel was served with a rocket and parmesan salad, so on-trend right now. And here’s a hot tip: you probably should allow extra time to decide. The menu for optional toppings alone is extensive.

Chicken Schnitzel - Seafood

Tasmanian special: chicken schnitzel with seafood

My extremely savvy dining companion chose the seafood topping. It’s such a strength in Tasmania’s foodie scene, after all. I chose the Mexican Amigos topping: corn chips, guacamole, sour cream, cheese and chilli sauce. Do not mention the waistline. We were both disappointed we couldn’t finish our meals. We really wanted to, but they were huge serves. Take your appetite (and to make payment, take $26-50).

The service at The Brunswick Hotel was also perfect, and there was a lovely ambiance at both this dining room and the one at Customs House Hotel. Bon Appétit.

Now where are those boxes…?

Chicken Schnitzel - Amigos

Chicken schnitzel: Mexican Amigos

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