Last year, to herald Junction Arts Festival in Launceston, organisers offered tickets to the Porcelain Punch performance as a prize to Think Tasmania readers. We had already promoted the upcoming event by publishing a terrific guest article titled “Launceston: Rediscovered” by Alison Wilkes, Junction Arts Festival marketing coordinator. We then published a professional photo-graphical review after the arts festival. That was contributed by Dan Fellow, one of our regulars.

Childrens Choir - Dogs and Boats and Airplanes

Dogs and Boats and Airplanes Childrens Choir (photo supplied)

Dogs and Boats and Airplanes Childrens Choir

You may not be surprised to learn that will all happen again this time around. And while the official Junction Arts Festival program and website should now be practically finalised for the 4-8 September party, we’re going to skip straight to the giveaway. Here’s your chance to win tickets for the intriguing Dogs and Boats and Airplanes Childrens Choir.

Two tickets for the Dogs and Boats and Airplanes Childrens Choir performance (valued at $40) will go to one lucky Think Tasmania reader at the conclusion of this random draw. These details have been provided by Marian Suau, Junction Arts Festival Communications Coordinator…

Title: Dogs and Boats and Airplanes Childrens Choir

Date/Time: Friday 6 September, 7pm-8pm

Duration: 55 minutes

VenuePrincess Theatre, 57 Brisbane Street Launceston

Enter the world of children’s thoughts. Laugh out loud to a funny, non-verbal, outstanding choral performance.

Dogs and Boats and Airplanes Childrens Choir is the world premiere of a collaborative artwork performed by a children’s choir of 100 voices. This Choir simulates non-verbal sounds of animals and the industrialised world, composed entirely of vocalisations of the sounds of dogs and boats and airplanes, playing with the traditional verbal narrative of a choral work as well as 20th century sound art, and challenging what the subject of art can be – and what art can be.

This participatory project engages 100 local children aged 8-12 in the creation of the story, or libretto, of the choral work. Another 50 children create the background art set: visual props, floats, dramatic set and lighting design presented on stage and culminating in a live public performance entirely devised and created by them in Launceston’s premier performing arts venue, The Princess Theatre.

The Choir is made up of students from four Launceston schools including

“A dog walks along the beach, goes for a swim, comes out of the water, shakes, drinks some milk. A barge passes. Later a group of dogs comes along yelping and howling. Finally an F18 flies over.” Now Magazine, Toronto

Bill Burns and Big Pond Small Fish (Toronto, Canada)

Commissioned and produced by Junction Arts Festival

For more information about this performance and many others on offer over the five days, follow Junction Arts Festival on Facebook. Visit their official website for more information about Dogs and Boats and Airplanes Childrens Choir.

As we’ve said before, the competition rules on Facebook are all too hard, so we’re going to keep this in-house. We’re also going to keep it REALLY simple. If you are subscribed to receive the free newsletter from Think Tasmania, you are eligible to enter. Apparently a random draw is still allowed in Tasmania without applying for a permit, so here’s what you need to do…

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And that’s it! This will be a random draw, so comments won’t influence the outcome. But if you’d like to leave any feedback about your experience of Junction Arts Festival, that would be really great. You could discuss your personal desire to win this prize, or even Think Tasmania… we’d love to hear it all, and we’ll be closely following all the comments. We won’t reply individually because that would upset the giveaway app (it might award us the prize!!).

Childrens Choir Giveaway ~ Common Sense Please?

  • Leave a comment on this post by midnight 26th August 2013 (local time). We’ll choose a random winner using our website’s giveaway app.
  • Two tickets for the Dogs and Boats and Airplanes Childrens Choir with a retail value of $40.00 are the one and only prize.
  • Fair and reasonable terms and conditions automatically apply. So one entry each (our app is able to detect multiple entries).
  • Please apply common sense to all aspects of this Junction Arts Festival giveaway… we’d hate to disqualify someone for being silly.
  • We won’t use your email address for anything sinister, because we firmly believe in doing the right thing. Always. Don’t you?
  • We’ll announce the winner’s name here, on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll also contact the winner by email, and advise Marian Suau (our contact at Junction Arts Festival) of the giveaway results.

What else do we need to stipulate? Nothing? Okay… then it’s over to you. Comment away! We wish you all the very best of luck. And if you’d be kind enough to share this Childrens Choir giveaway opportunity with all your peeps, we’d be extremely happy. Besides showing a little friendly community spirit by spreading the joy, sharing will also no doubt lead to similar giveaway opportunities in the future. And THAT can only be a good thing for everyone!!

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