There is a chocolate factory in Hobart you can visit. Obviously then, I had to force myself along there for research. See how dedicated I am? I hadn’t ever been before. I know… shocking! But I have a sneaking suspicion I’ll have to go back again one day. When my kids find out I went without them, they will be not. happy. Jan.

Cadbury Chocolate Factory - Visitor Centre

Cadbury chocolate factory: visitor centre

Chocolate Factory Tour Sans Factory

I do have a legitimate reason for not taking the kids: they have to go to school. The chocolate factory is only open to visitors from Monday to Friday (except for public holidays and some closure periods). And one other important thing I should mention: you don’t actually have access to any factory manufacturing areas.

But I think that’s a good thing. I don’t want the public dipping their fingers into anything that might end up in my chocolate!

Chocolate Factory - Freddo Frog

Chocolate factory: Freddo Frog

So what do you get for your entrance fee? You get a very enthusiastic welcome at the front door, and a complimentary block of Cadbury Hobart chocolate, factory fresh to you.

Cadbury Chocolate Factory - Hobart Dairy Milk

Cadbury chocolate factory: Hobart Dairy Milk

Cadbury Hobart Visitor Centre

We timed our arrival perfectly, which was more good luck than good management. We walked straight into the presentation room with another 20-30 eager tourists. Our guide won us over immediately by handing around a basket full of chocolate samples, always a crowd pleaser.

He gave us some insight into the raw cocoa materials and the off-shore components of the growing and manufacturing process. He also waved around a 10kg block of Cadbury’s finest worth $140. Apparently one of the monster chocolate blocks has even been used as a wedding cake. Wish I’d thought of that.

With another selection from the goody basket in hand, we progressed into a small theatre room. We watched a 10 minute DVD detailing the history of the company, from humble beginnings as a tea and coffee shop in England, to a sweet-as empire. Hobart was adjudged the Australian city with the most potential when international expansion was called for. And for that we thank you, Mr. Cadbury!

Cadbury Chocolate - Glass and a Half

Cadbury chocolate factory: Hobart Tasmania

After the video, we moved on to another sampling area near the cafe. According to the displays, Cadbury chocolate saves lives. Of course it does! I didn’t have to read about energy rations in the navy to know that.

Cadbury Hobart - Chocolate Saving Lives

Cadbury Hobart: chocolate in Tasmania

Chocolate Factory Outlet

So after one final round of sampling (this time flakes from a cup) we were to bid goodbye to our guide. He pointed us in the direction of the chocolate factory outlet.

Okay, so there’s the real reason they let all the tourists in: to sell them some of that life-saving product. The prices were lower than recommended retail, with the chance to buy some plain-wrapped factory seconds. There was also a great selection of chocolate hampers and gifts.

Chocolate Factory Outlet - Hampers

Chocolate factory outlet hampers

Not-so Chocolate Merchandise

Once you have your signature-purple bags (or in some cases, boxes) of chocolate, you make you way out via the Cadbury Visitor Centre shop. There’s some very cute merchandise and displays, including models of the animated chocolate characters from the television commercials.

Cadbury Chocolate - Characters

Cadbury chocolate characters

So, no first-hand evidence of the glass and a half of full cream milk; but plenty of evidence that the Cadbury factory in Hobart churns out some pretty decent, life-saving chocolate. Must be the supply of top-quality, fresh produce from all the happy Tasmanian cows.

Chocolate Factory - Dairy Milk

Chocolate factory: dairy milk cows

The Cadbury Hobart Chocolate Factory and Visitor Centre is located at 100 Cadbury Road, Claremont. Check online for current details and information.


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