Chocolate hampers: perfect timing (with Easter almost upon us) to bring you information about Yumee Bear and their famous gift baskets. And with an article about Tasmanian churches almost ready as well, I think all bases are covered.

Chocolate Hampers - Teddy Bear & Wine

Yumee Bear Hampers: wine with the chocolates

Yumee Bear Chocolate Hampers

Karen and the team at Yumee Bear offer an alternative to sending predictable flowers that just don’t last. The detail and presentation of the chocolate hampers will surprise and delight you. Using handmade paper products, recycled boxes & tissue paper, the baskets are finished with raffia and ribbon and adorned with a personally made card.

The gift baskets are personalised with a selection from the choice of special teddy bears. Elegantly wrapped with the chocolate hampers, the bears make a distinct statement. Whether celebrating Easter, a birthday, a graduation or the arrival of a new baby, Yumee Bear can produce something special to suit any occasion.

Tasmanian Gift Baskets

Chocolates are not the only choice, either. The teddy bear hampers can be coupled with a bottle of Tasmanian wine, licorice or a combination of goodies.

Proudly based in Tasmania, the Yumee Bear business prefers to support their community, using local suppliers when possible.

By also sourcing paper products from a fair-trade co-operative, Karen is helping with AIDS education and environmental awareness in Nepal. So not only do customers send a beautiful present, they make a contribution to a worthy charity.

Yumee Bear Chocolate Hampers: The Delivery!

Leaving a gift purchase until the last minute can sometimes spell disaster. Yumee Bear chocolate hampers might be able to save Valentines Day or a wedding anniversary with their next day delivery around Tasmania and Australia. Karen’s passion for customer service will ensure the recipient feels the love!!

Yumee Bear Chocolate Hampers guarantee…

  • a huge range of colour schemes to choose from
  • quality teddy bears sending the perfect message
  • stylish, individual and luxurious wrapping
  • the finishing touch: a butterfly or bumble bee
  • flexible options to cater for all tastes

All that’s left to do now? Contact Karen and order your chocolate hampers today. Don’t leave it until the last minute… just because you can!!

Yumee Bear Hampers have a fabulous website to help make your selection. Or call Karen on 0439 474 370

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