We’re losing our touch. We forgot to mention one very important highlight in our last article: chocolates from Kettering!

Chocolates from Kettering - Nutpatch Nougat

Chocolates from Kettering: Nutpatch Nougat

Nutpatch Nougat: Chocolates from Kettering

When we reported our top three features from a daytrip to Tinderbox via The Channel region, we failed to include Nutpatch Nougat. D’oh! We’ve recorded our love for this Huon Trail business before, but there’s always room for another reference.

Chocolates from Kettering - Nutpatch Nougat

Chocolates from Kettering: Nutpatch Nougat

Some of our very astute Facebook followers rightfully pointed out another important fact too. Owner and master chocolatier Giovanni now sells chocolates from Kettering AND a brand new location.

Chocolates: Think Hobart, Tasmania

If you’re not heading to The Channel region, find light-filled Italian cabinets filled with chocolates at 1 Murray Street, Hobart (in the Observatory building). The original Nutpatch Nougat is located at 2956 Channel Highway in Kettering, not far from the Bruny Island Ferry terminal. Phone 0428 870 891 for details or follow Nutpatch Chocolates on Facebook.

Nutpatch Nougat - Chocolates from Kettering

Chocolates: Nutpatch Nougat, Kettering Tasmania

Some of our most “borrowed” photos include those showing chocolates from Kettering. We’ll share a couple of images again here, just in case you haven’t seen them before. Enjoy!

Nutpatch Nougat - Beautiful Chocolates

Chocolates by John Zito: Nutpatch Nougat

Herbaceous Tours - Nutpatch Nougat

Nutpatch Nougat, Kettering: Herbaceous Tours

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Map: Nutpatch Nougat, Kettering Tasmania…

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