We like to share all the good stuff in Tasmania. And Cinnamon and Cherry is simply delightful. We want this Turkish-inspired cafe to flourish and prosper, so we can keep visiting ourselves. So please… can you go there too? Enjoy the food and all the loveliness. You can thank me later. Currently Cinnamon and Cherry is open on weekends (plus Friday) which suits us perfectly, and we think it’s worth the drive from Hobart to Franklin. Let us know what you think?

Cinnamon and Cherry - Franklin Tasmania

Cinnamon and Cherry: Franklin Tasmania

Cinnamon and Cherry - Cafe Franklin

Turkish-inspired desserts: chocolate tart

Cinnamon and Cherry - Turkish Delights

Turkish delights… pastries and coffee

Cinnamon and Cherry - Turkish Cafe, Franklin

Cute cafe: Franklin, Huon Valley

Cinnamon and Cherry - Turkish Breads and Salads

House-made salads, dips and Turkish breads

Find Cinnamon and Cherry at 3416 Huon Highway in the small, southern-Tasmanian town of Franklin (Huon Valley region). Phone 0419 410 845 for details or follow Cinnamon and Cherry on Facebook.

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