Here at Think Tasmania, we aim to cover features from regional areas as well as the major centres (at least when we’re both fully fit and mobile). Sometimes we’re so busy sharing stories from other Tasmanian regions and towns, we overlook what’s on our very own doorstep. Such has been the case with the Howrah to Tranmere section of the Clarence Foreshore Trail. Until today, that is!

Clarence Foreshore Trail - Walking Path

Clarence Foreshore: gravel track, river’s edge

Clarence Foreshore Walking Track

We shared a simple, mobile-phone snap of the Clarence Foreshore Trail via social media. We walk this track all the time, and obviously take its beauty and prime location for granted.

Many people have since asked us to provide exact directions, so they too can check out the river-side walk. What were we thinking? Of course we should’ve already shared this gem. We’re weren’t trying to keep it a secret, we promise!

Clarence Foreshore Trail - Views of Hobart

Derwent River to Mt Wellington and Hobart city

Since my recovery from a hip replacement, we’ve been dedicated to walking and enjoying new-found trails in Hobart. We’ve already shared quite a number of those experiences with Think Tasmania readers, and just some of them are listed below…

Clarence Foreshore Trail - Hobart Sunset

Eastern shore: sun sets beyond Mt Wellington

Show Me the Way

Gavin obviously envied my session with crutches, because he’s now taken them on (for an even longer stint, too!). With much effort, we’ve only managed the occasional short hobble along the Clarence Foreshore Trail lately.

Clarence Foreshore Trail - Derwent River

Clarence Foreshore Trail coastal plants

As for precise directions, I’ll quote from the Clarence City Council website, as they maintain the track. Their web page may be a little outdated, because I can’t recall a boat shed, and I’m pretty sure the gravel track starts right from the road, not 150m “further on”. But then again, maybe I’ve just not been very observant?

“Begin the walk at Howrah Road, near the Howrah Recreation Centre. Walk south along Howrah Road, continuing along Howrah Road at the Tranmere Road junction. Turn left into Corinth Street and then right into Tranmere Road. Follow Tranmere Road for 200m and turn right onto a track leading down to the foreshore. Turn left along the grassy foreshore reserve, passing a boat shed. A gravel track begins 150m further on and continues for 1.7km, ending at bus stop 43 on Tranmere Road. Continue along the footpath to the Clarence Foreshore Trail sign at the end of Tranmere Road. Tranmere Point is 300m further on from the sign.”

Our walking may have been curtailed somewhat of late, but the views from the Clarence Foreshore Trail are still magnificent. Seats are strategically located along the path (thankfully for Gavin!) and some places even afford visitors a picnic table for a longer dalliance over lunch.

Clarence Foreshore Trail - Howrah

Clarence Foreshore Trail: Howrah to Tranmere Point

Dogs Delight

If you like dogs, you’re in luck too! The Clarence Foreshore Trail is an extremely popular place to walk the pooch. With the Derwent River to one side and houses between the track and Tranmere Road, it’s a relatively safe place for an off-leash run. Some doggies even combine the walk with a swim and a forage around the rocks, shelly beaches or coastal bushes.

Clarence Foreshore Trail - Dog Walking

Clarence Foreshore Trail: walk the dog

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Map: Clarence Foreshore Trail, Tasmania…

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